Internet Giving

GiveIndia pioneered online donations in India in the year 2000 and was one of the first worldwide. We have channelled over Rs5crores to various non-profit organizations through the Internet. 

We run the following "giving" websites -

  • [for Indian and other international donors], 
  • [for US based donors], 

Our site is designed as a "Philanthropy Exchange" that allows donors to donate directly to any of the "listed" non-profit organizations. So, we are essentially a fund raising organization committed to make online donations effective.

After a rigorous and thorough document based due diligence, supplemented by a visit or a strong reference, we have selected nearly 100 nonprofits that we recommend on our sites. They work on causes ranging from child welfare and education to disability, poverty, and women's empowerment to name a few.
Each organization provides donors with feedback on how their donation was utilized. Donors also get a tax exemption on their donations.

Across sites, we offer donors the 3 C's

 Choice of the cause / organization / project they would like to support
 Convenience of donating online, in just a few clicks

Confidence that their donation is used for the chosen purpose

The site also allows donors to give through their payroll, create "Charity Accounts" online, and gift a donation to someone.

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