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When Kakoli Dey learnt about iGive, she thought it was the perfect way to commemorate her grandmother's death anniversary. She says, "My love for my grandmom and my love for the NGO I work for have motivated me to create this page."

She set up a page to raise money to feed malnourished mothers and children at Child In Need Institute (CINI); CINI, a GiveIndia listed NGO that works in the field of health, nutrition, education and child protection, is where Kakoli also works as a Relationship Manager. Her experience with iGive left her with the following words - "Raising funds whatsoever the cause is a bit tough but this is a fantastic way of asking for fund!"

Check out Kakoli Dey's iGive page.
Sumeet Samat decided to set up an iGive page to raise funds for the NGO - Society For Rehabilitation of Crippled Children (SRCC) - during the Mumbai Marathon. "No child should go without treatment for want of money" is SRCC's motto and Sumeet believes in the same. Having seen the good work done by SRCC, he decided to contribute to their effort by raising funds for them. Of his iGive experience, he says, "Given an opportunity, I would definitely create an iGive page again."

Visit Sumeet Samat's iGive page.
Not only did Prasad Kancharla successfully complete the 21 kilometer Half Marathon at the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon this year, but he had an extremely successful experience with iGive too.

The irony of India is that while is it home to the third largest number of billionaires in the world (after USA and Germany), over half a billion of its people go to bed everyday without 2 square meals. These alarming statistics motivated him to set up an iGive page and do his bit for society. He raised 1.97 lakh over and above what he was hoping to raise for the Mumbai-based NGO Apnalaya.

A fund manager by profession, about 50 people of the 140 he contacted to support his run, did so, thus helping him reach his target. He himself was "pleasantly surprised by the turnout of the donors."

View Prasad Kancharla's iGive page.
Cadbury India Ltd.'s Director for HR & Strategy Chandramouli Venkatesan's iGive page for the NGO HelpAge India helped his friends and family to support his marathon run.

He believes that "the elderly homeless in India can use every rupee that we raise" and hence created a page to "make a small difference to some underprivileged people." His efforts in regularly following up with the 100 people he contacted to support his run definitely paid off - he did reach his target amount. He himself was amazed at "the number of people who contributed and also people who I did not know well also responded to the appeal."

People's positive response to his iGive page coupled with the inspiration his page has been to people he contacted to do something themselves, motivates Chandramouli to create an iGive page for the marathon next year too.

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