Useful tips to make the most of your iGive page

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 When setting up your iGive page, be sure to personalise the appeal message.

 Make sure you send the link to your iGive page along with a well-written appeal to all the people in your address book. Tell them exactly how the money they give will be used and what impact it will have.

 Post your iGive page link and a brief description of what you're raising funds for on whichever social networking site you use such as Facebook Twitter Linkedin or Youtube. Lots of people take the time to read what their friends are doing.

 iGive offers tax benefits in the US/UK to eligible NGOs so don't forget all your contacts overseas.

 Do you have a blog? Write some posts about your iGive page and your efforts to get to your target amount.

 Do any of your donors have a blog? Ask them to write about why they donated to your cause.

 Don't give up after the first mail; many of your friends may need a gentle reminder so send at least one follow-up mail.

 Ask your spouse, siblings, parents and children to help you spread the word.

 Still can't think of who to send the link to? How about your….

family friends
club/gym friends

 One last tip - after your page expires, don't forget to write to everyone who donated to you thanking them and telling them that they helped you succeed.