Follow these steps to gift a donation on

Follow the steps ennumerated below to gift a donation to your friend/family:

Choose a donation option Gift a donation GiveIndia Login Giftee's details

1. Select a donation you would like to gift by clicking on its name in the 'Donation Option' column.

2. After selecting your donation option, tick the 'Gift this donation' box before proceeding to donate

3. If you already have an account on GiveIndia, access your GiveIndia account with your email ID and password. Otherwise fill out the details on the right hand side of the page.

4. Fill out the recipient's name and email ID before you procced to make your payment.

Do remember that when you gift a donation, you will receive tax benefits for the same; and both you and the recepient shall receive a feedback report with details of whose life was changed.

 Having difficulty gifting your donation?  Call us on +91-22-2389 4944/6610 1175

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