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November 2014:

Make Donations In India: 5 Non-Profit Organizations

February 2014:

GiveIndia – The Art of Giving

February 2013:

Safeguard today’s women to build a better tomorrow - ‘Safe Women Safe Nation’ at WeSchool

March 2011:
The Mumbai Twestival2011
Help us win USD 1000for Aashayein Foundation
Help me fight for mycause?

Post on the theme of Giving

December 2010:
The Spirit of Giving

Giving made easier byGiveIndia

November 2010:
Progress on my run for a cause... Made MeFeel Like a Real Winner!

September 2010:

Charity Begins at Home

August 2010:
Making changecredible & effective

Give India

March 2010:

Joy of Giving Week2009 India’s largest Philanthropic Event was huge Sucess

January 2010:
Vote for GiveIndia
Please Vote for GIVEFoundation
An Appeal
Give India: Pleasevote for the education of children in India
1 click and helpeducate 40,000 young Indians!
Caste your vote onFacebook for GiveIndia, help educate a child
Give India a vote
GiveIndia: Vote ToGive Kids A Chance

“Education Is The KeyTo Unlocking Our Children’s Future” – GiveIndia!

December 2009:
GiveIndia – Making

GiveIndia's USEnd-of-Year 15k Giving Challenge

October 2009:


September 2009:
Repurcussions ofSubstance B
Smruti’s Adda
Sifar Works

It’s a biiiiig world

August 2009:
A reason to write -India


July 2009:
Soft - clothing forall children

Life is a gift...

June 2009:
Welcome to the Gopu'sWorld

Aao Social ServiceKare

May 2009:
Jeevan — Bringinghearts together
Rohit Shah’s World


April 2009:
UnguaranteedProphecies & Guaranteed Ramblings

Rantings of a DeadSoul

March 2009:
GirishM’s Weblog
Indian Sawaal
Stoned Immaculate

Ability to Win

February 2009:


January 2009:
Sequential Dump of MyThoughts


December 2008:
Remembering Past while not forgettingPresent...
Dhi Only One
Mumbai Terror Attacks

Save India - Lend aHand

November 2008:
Gala Time
World of Srimaya
Cool Breeze
Indiaguru - it's allabout India

One Run, One Cause,Every Day

October 2008:
Blog Bharti

Free in India

September 2008:
Youth Curry - Insighton Indian Youth


August 2008:
Harish Narayanan'sblog

Crocodile’s Tales -Pallavi's Blog

July 2008:

Ramya Rajaram

June 2008:
MCKS Karuna WellnessBlog

Mommy's been blogging

May 2008:
Water, No Ice
Just Jo

Ek Aam Aadmi

February 2008:

Save our City

December 2007:
Domain Maximus
Helping Hands


September 2007:


July 2007:

Log into Life

January 2007:

Ramki Krishnan

December 2006:
My fundraisingexperience...

Everywhere in between

November 2006:
A wonderful gestureby kids

Ask before you give

July 2006:

My Journey

January 2006:


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