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Feedback report received from AMBA

Purpose of the donation

General Fund



AMBA has utilized this amount to meet insurance expense of one of its members

Beneficiary Details


Radha Bharat


Lohanagar Centre, Rajkot, Gujarat


Readymade garment vendor

ambala feedback report Radha is an AMBA member since last 3 years. She deals in readymade garment sales in slum areas through weekly fairs organized in Rajkot and other surrounding areas.

Radha had to borrow money on heavy interest rate to run her business. Her life changed when she came into the contact of AMBA. AMBA gave her first loan and then repeat loans of Rs5000 each at low interest rate. 

In Radha's own words, "Since the interest is low and repayment installment is weekly in small amounts, I am able to pay the loan in time. I am earning good money through this small trade. I feel happy that AMBA gives me loan at a speedier and simpler procedure. I feel a lot secure after getting insured. Infact I am asking my other business members to be regular in repayment of loan and take benefit of insurance scheme. I hope that my children get a proper education."

AMBA SEWA Insurance Scheme is a unique scheme in which a poor working woman is covered under Life Insurance by paying one time premium of Rs1000 which covers following benefits:

  1. Rs2000 every year for hospital treatment

  2. Rs5000 immediate support in case if loss or damage the member's business due to disturbances, fire, natural calamities etc

  3. Rs3000 on account of natural death

  4. Rs40,000 on account of accidental death

  5. Rs15,000 on account of member's husband's death

  6. Old age benefit - Dentures, Spectacle, crutches

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Feedback report received from Ananya Trust

Purpose of the donation

Child's rehabilitation & education for a month


USD 34

Beneficiary Details


Shiv Kumar


14 Yrs


Banaswadi, Bangalore

Name of the school

Ananya Shikshana Kendra




Table tennis, pottery

No. of family members


Monthly family income

Rs. 300

ambala feedback reportWhat was the background of the beneficiary before rehabilitation?
Shiv Kumar comes from a single parent family. He has an elder brother, one younger brother and one younger sister. His mother works as a housemaid and had a hard time taking care of herself and her children. She left Shiv Kumar's elder brother in her village. Shiv Kumar was sent for work, doing odd jobs as a carpenter, a tailor and a painter to supplement the family income. She was looking for a hostel where she could leave the kids so that she did not have to take care of them. When we approached her about admitting her children in our school she gladly agreed hoping her food bills would come down and free 'baby sitting' facilities would be provided for her three children. Shiv Kumar had never been to school and had no exposure to any kind of a learning environment.

What kind of training was given to her-how was the child rehabilitated?
What started as a 'baby sitting' service from Shiv Kumar's mother's point of view turned out to be a challenge for us. We were constantly battling with the children's hunger for learning and their mother's callous attitude towards education. It was an uphill task for us to make their mother see the educational value of their stay with us. At Ananya, we provided Shiv Kumar with an environment in which all the tools of learning and creativity were at his disposal. He had the time and space to work with these materials without any constraints and explore his potentials.

What is the situation after the rehabilitation-is child enjoying her school/vocational training-her progress?
This atmosphere free from all pressures made life thrilling and the academic progress became an integral part of the exploration. His curiosity for learning and his playful nature has demanded from us that we become more creative and innovative in our teaching.

What does child feel about new life?
While his stay at Ananya has been very satisfying and fulfilling for Shiv Kumar, he has to constantly fight the demands of his extended family to quit school and go back to work.

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Feedback report received from Bharath Charitable Cancer Hospital & Institute (Trust) (BCCHI)

Purpose of the donation

General/Cancer Camp in Rural Areas


Rs. 4000

BCCHI conducted a General Health Checkup camp at Begur, Gundlupet Taluk, Karnataka on 29-01-04. The medical team consisted of one Male Medical Officer, two interns, four Social Workers and one Driver.

Propaganda had been done in Self Help Group meetings which was arranged in Begur. The Cancer camp commenced at 11am and concluded at 4 pm.

The following are the details of the camp -

The following are the details of the camp

1. Total Number of people who attended the camp






2. Blood Pressure (BP) recorded


High BP


Low BP


Normal BP


3. Number of cases referred to different hospitals in Mysor

District Govt. Hospital, (KR Hospital)


Bharath Hospital & Institute of Oncology




A General Checkup was conducted for all the patients and free medicines like BCT, FS (Iron), Septron (antibiotic), CPM, B-Complex etc. were given to patients.

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Feedback report received from Gramin Vikas Vigyan Samiti

Purpose of the donation

Sponsor education of a poor girl child


Rs. 1000

Beneficiary Details


Kumari Santo


12 Yrs


Kailano Ki Baas, Village/Post Duddu, Phalodi,
  Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India

Name of the school

Balika Vidyalay, Kailano Ki Baas




Studying, Dancing

No. of family members


Monthly family income

Rs. 900

What is the family background of the child?
Although the child, Kumari Santo, comes from a small family of four, the challenges in front of this small family are overwhelmingly big. Santo's family is distressed by extreme poverty with a meager monthly income of Rs900. To make matters worse, Santo's mother is suffering from Tuberculosis (TB). Thus, there is a lot of pressure on Santo to drop out of school not only for financial constraints but also to take care of the household chores since her mother is not well enough to carry out these duties on her own.

What does the beneficiary and parents feel about his education?
Santo's education would not have been possible without the backing she received via GRAVIS and GiveIndia. Thus, naturally, both Santo and her parents are extremely grateful for this opportunity for Santo to carry on with what she loves the most: studying!

Progress report
Attendance record: 90%
Behavior in the school: Excellent
Favorite subjects: Hindi
Performance etc: Very Good

What are the child's future plans?
Santo aims to become a nurse as she has seen her mother suffering from TB. helplessly. With her education she wants to equip herself well to aid people suffering from various diseases.

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Feedback report received from Kutumba

Purpose of Donation

Donate to the Corpus


Rs. 6000

Your contribution has been added to corpus of Kutumba.

Kutumba is a charitable society that has been running a home for the disabled since 1991 in Bangalore. Here, shelter is provided to destitute women, children and the disabled. Most of those who come to Kutumba are afflicted with cerebral palsy caused by brain damage contracted before or during birth, or during early childhood, which results in difficulty in coordination. Though the damage is irreversible, children can be taught to cope with it, and to share opportunities, challenges and responsibilities.

The residents of Kutumba's (literally translated to mean "family" in Sanskrit) home hail from the rural areas of the states of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. They are generally referred to Kutumba by hospitals, other NGOs, and even some members of Kutumba's Board of Governors

Kutumba is a force to be reckoned with. Though the group foster care program (the home for the disabled) can house only about 10 children at one point of time, over the years it can be seen that it has succeeded in changing many lives for the better because of Kutumba's timely intervention. It brings a lot of joy to the hearts of the people working at Kutumba when they see young people go out ready to face the world with a trade in their hands, after having come in during times of dire need

Kutumba has saved about 3lacs in corpus. This has been deposited with the Andhra Bank. They are working towards building a corpus of 30lacs by the year 2010.

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Feedback report received from Sarada Ramkrishna Sevashram

Purpose of Donation

Sponsor a child in an orphanage for a month


Rs. 957

The fund was utilized towards the expenses of Sonali Mondal. The details of the expenses are as given below

Food and Tiffin

Rs. 600

Doctor's fees, Medicine & Health care

Rs. 100

School fees, Drawing book etc

Rs. 75

Purchase One Frock & one Ezare

Rs. 125

Administrative Cost (Posting Photo)

Rs. 57

Name of the Father

Late Biswant Mandal


7 Years


ViIIage/Post Office -Gabberia Dist. -24 Paraganas, West Bengal

The helpless and destitute girl Sonali Mondal was living with her mother after the death of her father. Unfortunately, her mother became mentally ill and she was compelled to leave her home and she worked as a maidservant. Painfully she was passing her life at the custody of her uncle, who approached us to look after the child -Sonali. Observing the helpless and neglected conditions, we gave her shelter and are providing her all help including schooling.

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