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Donna Martin

Thanks for the feedback on how the donation was put to use. I am delighted that it provided a couple of sewing machines for the Divya Chaya Trust in Kolkatta. Although I have never been to India , my father was born in Kolkatta and moved to the UK when he was 18.  He died 14 years ago without ever having returned and so I hope one day to get over and see his birth place. This was essentially my motivation for donating through GiveIndia. I am also appalled by the amount our children have and receive these days, from birthday parties to Christmas and even now at Easter and Halloween and so I asked for donations (rather than gifts) at my daughters joint birthday party and then doubled the amount to give to an Indian charity. Both my sister and I are fairly adept with a sewing machine so the gift/donation was particularly appropriate. Thank you for the feedback and please let me know if any of the items the ladies make at the Trust are available for purchase.

Surabhi Goel

Thanks for your mail. I was working with ICICI bank a couple of years ago which is where I had heard about GiveIndia. I have always been impressed with your organisation. A lot of people are working passionately towards the upliftment of the society but Give India is one of the few organisations which has managed to give a corporate outlook to the whole system. I think its a splendid idea to give such detailed feedback for every donation. It motivates the donor to take continuous interest in their beneficiary or contribute towards some other cause. I promise to spread the word around. Thanks for giving me an opportunity to be useful! :)

Aravindhan. K

It is said that when you serve the Poor, you serve the Almighty. Many of us wouldn't find time to directly involve ourselves in charity. We have the NGOs who dedicatedly do this great work. When I donate to an NGO for any cause, I never know the face of the ultimate beneficiary and when I think of the happiness and peace in that unknown face just because of the small amount I contributed, it brings me an ecstasy that no other relationship would bring.
Vikram Gupta

I have been a regular donor since the time I started earning. I believe that at least 1% of one's earnings can be easily gifted to people who have not been as fortunate as us. Sounds eerie- but whenever I have given something, I have got more in return from unexpected sources within the next 15 days.
Priya Sanjeev

As responsible citizens, my husband and I both feel that there is always something that can be given back to the society. We find GiveIndia to be an ideal and convenient platform for donating money. The response time and flexibility they display really makes us feel that we can always do more.
Avnish Gulati

You cannot imagine the extent of my delight and satisfaction on receipt of your mail. I am extremely thankful to you for this update. I am particularly impressed with the level of services provided by your organisation and sincerely believe that if maintained these standards would go a long way in motivating people to make contributions. Additionally, these gestures enhance the trust of the participant, which is another milestone in your achievement.
C P Madhusudan

I donate to many causes (both social and religious) to satisfy my need to contribute directly to the development of society. I cannot devote too much time to support any cause due to the demands of my current job. GiveIndia makes it very easy for me to contribute. The whole process takes only a few minutes once I decide on the cause I wish to contribute to. That the money is being used purposefully provides the motivation to donate again.
Jatin Meswani

I think it is the ease with which I can donate plus the availability of good charitable organisations on the site, which is the primary reason for using GiveIndia. The feedback given by your organisation gives a feeling that your money is going to an individual and not used for administration purpose.
Kartic Vaidyanathan

Being a software engineer, donation through net is the easiest for me. It is good to know in detail how the money got utilized as this is very important for anyone who continues to donate. Accountability if ensured would prompt many more people to donate.
Kshitij Bisen

GiveIndia gave me an opportunity to help a woman find freedom from her cruel husband's clutches. It was easy for me to donate through the site as I was assured that my money will be used for the purpose I chose to support. The feedback I received about my donation is worth a lot more than the money I gave away. I have helped improve the life of one person, given her a new hope, a new beginning.
Makarand Palamwar

It was ICICICommunities.org which informed me about GiveIndia and I thought that let me try this organisation for my donation. Now I feel extremely happy that the money went in correct hands. This again motivates me to donate through GiveIndia. I feel that it is my duty to share something with the needy. I don't feel great about it. It is the duty of every citizen of India to share something out of his income with the needy. You can not expect everything to be done by government.
Niyati H Mistry

I chose GiveIndia because I trust you completely. I know that my donation will definitely reach a needy person. I think this is the best way to reach out to someone.
Arunachalam Jaisankar

I always like to help the needy and I believe the words "Give to Receive". Have to donate more next time. Thought, I had done some good investment for my country or for humanity.
Rajeev Vellore

Thanks for letting me know how my contribution was utilised. I feel lighter, shifting the focus off myself atleast for a moment! I certainly feel motivated to make the next small step.
Sagar Sabade

Sitting in front of my PC in air-conditioned environment is easy. But my heart gets tormented when I read about hundreds of people suffering due to hunger. GiveIndia provides a way for me to soften my burden in this regard. I get a joy for by my little contribution, I humbly hope, I could bring ray of hope into someone's life.
Sanjay Khanna

I am an NRI and used to always wonder how I could make a difference. Earlier I had to rely on friends and relatives to make donations. But they had to find time and do me a favour. The other option was to wait until I come home for vacation. Going to India on vacation used to be so hectic... Then I found GiveIndia's banner on the ICICI site. I have been a regular donor through your site and have been impressed by the way you have grown to provide a link between the donor and the NGOs.
Srinivas Murthy

I think it is the moral responsibility of every citizen of India to contribute towards society. The contribution may be of any amount (monetary or physical ) depending upon a person's capability. It may be a small drop in the Ocean, but the Ocean would be void of that drop if not present. It gives me utmost satisfaction to hear that the amount has been effectively utilized for the uplifment of downtrodden.
Swapnesh Banerjee

Thank you for the information detailing the way GiveIndia disbursed the money collected to help fight hunger in Orissa. As to my motivation for giving, I am privileged to enjoy a life free from any worries about the basic necessities and I feel that people in our position should contribute towards upliftment of the underprivileged sections of society, be it in the form of time, money and/or effort. I feel satisfied that my small contribution is being utilised correctly, which is very important.
Aloke Palsikar

For the last several years I have been sponsoring Education of atleast 1 child in a year to enable him get a good start in life. I strongly believe that good education can make a difference to children in society and help them in becoming good citizens in future. I feel good after making the donation as I think it is a step towards giving back to the society the dues which we owe. Your feedback system is very good and gives confidence to the donor that the money spent is well utilised.
The Berry Family

The Berry family strongly believes in the fact that a very essential responsibility for each individual is to try and assist others not as fortunate. No matter who we are, we will always find people less fortunate than ourselves around us. Whatever little one can do within their means on a regular basis is the very least each one of us should. We put aside a small sum each month and locate a suitable avenue for allocating funds to a charity of our choice & for a cause we feel strongly towards.

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