Create an iGive Page

Create your own iGive page in just 3 simple steps:

3 step guide to iGive programme

Register with GiveIndia.
Sign up as a new user or sign into your GiveIndia Account.

Create your own iGive page.
Share with others why and for whom you wish to collect money

Collect money by spreading the word Recommend your page to friends, relatives and colleagues to start receiving money for your chosen cause.

What is iGive page?

Celebrate birthdays, weddings and other occasions with a difference! With our fundraising tool, iGive, you can raise funds for a cause that is close to your heart, thus helping NGOs receive funds from your supporters, friends and family from all over the world.

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How does iGive work?

Create your own iGive page by filling in a few details, such as your reason for raising funds, how much you wish to raise, etc. Share it with everyone so they can learn about your fundraising motives and support you by donating through your page. It’s that simple!

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iGive benefit for NGOs

NGOs can especially benefit from iGive by reaching out to their donors online, and informing them of their projects quickly and easily, thus building a community of donors.

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For any questions or further clarifications, please send an email to or visit Help Center