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Client Services

Clients services for High Value Donors :

At client services we believe in consultative comprehensive approach to helping you achieve your individual philanthropic goals. We work in partnership to recommend a strategy tailored to your specific needs taking into consideration.

  •   Your philanthropic objectives

  •   Level of comfort

  •   Engagement needs

  •   Time as well as tax and other concerns

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Catalogue project
Giving Circles
First Givers Club

One Portfolio & One Client At A Time:

Focus Deliverables
  • To understand the donor interested cause (s), budget, geography, number of beneficiaries and level of involvement.
  • Identification criteria for NGO(s) GI scope of Work Document.
NGO finalization
  • Identification and finalization of NGO(s) and visit to NGO if required.
  • Donor specific project catalogue of short listed NGO(s).
project definition
  • To define project scope, budget, deliverables, timelines, responsibility of GI and NGO, output indicators, feedback and disbursement Schedule.
  • Complete project proposal from shortlisted NGO(s).
Monitoring and Feedback
  • Obtain feedback and disburse funds.
  • Feedback report - midterm & final.
  • Final CA certified Fund utilization statement


“Give is an extremely professional organization that carries out the due diligence and looks for transparency by matching the invoices and receipts with the accounts and of course ensures that the money given is used for the best purposes”- Antoine Firmenich
“I had gone through the project implementation proposal that you had put together. It makes sense to me. You had sent me an excellent document. I am pleased with your perseverance and interest in this. It motivates me too…”- Donor Quote
“The bund has been built and will get filled with water as the region receives rain. This will ensure a constant supply of drinking water to Kothala village and ensure that water scarcity is greatly reduced. Also the women will now be able to use the time previously spent in collecting water in other productive activities, such as maintaining a kitchen garden, which will improve the nutritional status of their family”
-Anuradha, Project Co-ordinator
Contact Tel :- (+91) 22 2389 4942/3