charity events

Charity Events

GiveIndia has been selective in identifying events to raise funds for charity. The traditional model of organising events results in more than 80 per cent of the resources raised being spent on the event itself. So by "piggy backing" existing events that are already planned, we ensure that the cost of fundraising is less than 10%, to contribute more towards a cause.

first givers summit 2010 cry freedom event bangalore cyclothon 2009
First Giver’s Summit ’10-’13 Cry Freedom Concert 2013 Bengaluru Cyclothon 2009 
Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon 2004 india giving challenge 2013 india tax saving challenge 2010
Standard Chartered Mumbai
Marathon ’04-‘08
The India Giving Challenge
The India Tax Saving Challenge
Vodafone Delhi Half Marathon 2007 Vodafone World of Difference
Twestival 2011 Vodafone Delhi Half Marathon
Vodafone World of Difference
2012, 2013