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Damini Mishra | Product Management

Damini Mishra"Damini works in Product Management at GiveIndia. Prior to this, she has worked at The/Nudge Foundation, N/Core and Tapzo, where she worked on user acquisition, engagement, email marketing, marketing technology and more for two years. Damini holds a BE from Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology, University of Delhi."


Archana Hari | Head-Credibility Assurance

Archana Hari"My association with GiveIndia started with volunteering with the feedback and listing team. GiveIndia has given me the opportunity to meet with some truly selfless people who work towards the betterment of the society. I am yet to come across a more honest bunch of people than the team at GiveIndia. The organisation seems to have achieved a unique balance of democracy and transparency while adhering to the protocols of any functioning corporate."

Archana was previously Group Manager - Corporate Planning & Strategy; Revenue Head - South Region of the Times Of India Group for 3 years. Prior to that she has worked in Entertainment Network (India) Limited, Goldman Sachs & Cybernet Software Services.

She has done BE (Industrial and Systems Engineering) & an MBA from Management Development Institute (MDI), Gurgaon. Archana heads the Credibility Assurance team at GiveIndia.


Karuna | Human Resources

Karuna"Karuna has 9 + years of experience in various domains such as Human Resources, Home Finance, Banking and Insurance. She holds a post-graduate degree in Advertising & Public Relations from K. C. College of Management Studies, Mumbai. Prior to joining GiveIndia, she was associated with Kennovation Software services as an HR Manager."


Kalpesh Sangani | Payroll Giving

Kalpesh Sangani"I used to raise funds for many NGOs at Support Direct (I) Pvt. Ltd. Eventually I reached a point where I decided to work directly with an NGO to create more impact. At GiveIndia, there is scope to learn a lot since most employees come from diverse backgrounds."

Prior to GiveIndia, Kalpesh ran a franchise for Support Direct (I) Pvt. Ltd., where he raised fund for various big NGOs.


Michael Faras | Admin & Donor Experience

Michael Faras"I wanted to work with an organisation which works for the upliftment of the under privileged. And I think GiveIndia is the biggest platform where I could make this happen. Besides, my family wanted me to work during the day, unlike at ICICI Bank, where I used to work round-the-clock shifts in rotation."

An ex-serviceman, Michael worked with the Indian Air Force for 20 years, from October 1981 to October 2001. After a bit of a gap, he joined ICICI Bank as a security supervisor. After two years of service, he was promoted to a security officer.


Ankit Prajapati | Online Retail Giving

Ankit Prajapati"Ankit has completed his B.Com. In the past, he has worked with Clearpath Technologies as an SEO manager. He was also a freelancer web designer for past 1 year. At GiveIndia he is a full time Web Designer and is part of the Online & Retail Giving team."

"I joined GiveIndia because it offers me an opportunity for advancing my career, with much room for moving up. I would also like to be a part of what I see as an excellent team and great work environment."


Pragya Nagpal | Credibility Assurance

Pragya Nagpal"It was a conscious decision to move to the social sector, and get inspired by the selfless people who work for the betterment of the society. I had joined GiveIndia as a Marketing Intern, and now I am working as a full time employee in Credibility Assurance Team. I have completed my BBA (Finance) from NMIMS University and have close to 2 years of work experience. I am currently pursuing my Part Time MBA in Social Entrepreneurship from NMIMS in parallel."


Sambhaji Kesarkar | Back Office

Sambhaji Kesarkar"I had worked with a multinational, and needed a job which GiveIndia offered. I find that GiveIndia has a work and technology culture which is better than my previous multinational employer. I find working for GiveIndia very satisfying."


Priyanka Deokar | Back Office

Priyanka Deokar"Priyanka has completed her HSC. Prior to joining GiveIndia, she worked for Anudatta Vidyalay as a computer teacher."


Pragati Vichare | Back Office

Pragati Vichare"I joined GiveIndia in 2006 because it gives me the opportunity to work in the development sector along with the opportunity to work, learn and grow. Prior to joining GiveIndia, I have 3 years of experience at Delta Service Pvt. Ltd."


Sandeep Bhandi | Payroll Giving

Sandeep Bhandi"My reason for joining GiveIndia is because I really wanted to do something to make a difference in society for poor students and for the people who are in need. GiveIndia provide the platform and opportunity to help NGOs by connecting donors to them."


Sandip Kadam | Admin

Sandip Kadam"Sandip Kadam has completed his HSC. Prior to GiveIndia, he worked with the Credibility Alliance."


Snehal Chavan | Back Office

Snehal Chavan"I have joined GiveIndia to increase my knowledge in the development field. It provides me the platform to contribute to the social sector."


Suprina Dunga | Credibility Assurance

Suprina Dunga"I joined GiveIndia because it gives me the opportunity to work and learn new skills. I feel extremely happy and content to work here." Suprina has completed her B.A from Mumbai University.


Swati | Online & Retail Giving & Donor Experience

Swati"I always wanted to work for the betterment of society. I joined GiveIndia by chance and soon realized that there cannot be a better platform to fulfil my aspirations to fullest."


Yama Sandeep | Payroll Giving

Yama Sandeep"Yama completed his Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) from Sri Venkateshwara Degree College, Suryapet. He has more than 3 + years of experience in sales, client serving and training."

Digvijay Sinha | Payroll Giving

Digvijay Sinha"I always wanted to work for the society and got my first opportunity in SOS Children's Village's Of India followed by Smile Foundation. I always wanted to work for more causes related to underprivileged and I found that GiveIndia has a bucket of 10 causes, supporting 250 NGOs pan - India. I enjoy and love my work here & am now well settled in Mumbai."

Digvijay completed his Bachelor’s in Science (BSc) form NEHU North Hill University, Shillong. He has 11 years experience in Sales. In the past, he has worked for Satyam Collection for 5 years, where he used to deal with wholesalers and retailers.


Reshma Tawde | Back Office

Reshma Tawde"The reason I joined Give India was because GiveIndia provides me a platform to work with varied organisations who are doing such great work to make the world a better place."


Sanchita Dalvi | Payroll Giving

Sanchita Dalvi"GiveIndia gives me opportunity to work indirectly for the social cause, which gives me pleasure and makes me feel proud to be associated with GiveIndia."


Umashankar V. | Payroll Giving

Umashankar"Previously I was working for an event management company in Bangalore for school Related Programs. I used to see even kids in city like Bangalore were unable to afford fees, purchase Uniform, and have three nutritious meals. This moved me to join a platform where I can provide support to more people. Give India provided me that opportunity to do that. Grateful to Give India."


Dimple Iyer | Technology

dimple-iyer"My motivation in joining GiveIndia was to use my core skills to give back to the society by working in an organization that believes in contributing to the society in every small way as possible. My experience with GiveIndia taught me that collecting funds even for a good cause can be very cumbersome. I hope my contribution in my small way is helpful to the organization as well as to the society. And since my work is associated with my skills, the experience is all the more enjoyable."


Pooja Yagnik | Payroll Giving

Pooja"I am a CA Final student with an experience of 5 years in the field of Accounts, Tax and Audit with a passion for dancing. Give India is like a family where work is fun and boost to your experience. Giving smile to others is my motivation to work here. I thank Give India for providing me with the opportunity to bring smiles to underprivileged while exploring and enhancing my knowledge."


Bhavya Channan | Payroll Giving

Bhavya Channan"I always wanted to make a difference in the society especially for the underprivileged. Giveindia gives me a platform to understand the psychological aspects of both the donors and the beneficiaries. Monetary evaluation and complete transparency is something which appealed me. And now it has become a source of motivation for me as well. Studying philosophy and doing Gandhi fellowship gave me a sublime experience to understand the society as a whole."


Sangita Singh | Alliances & Donor Experience

Sangita Singh "I did my Post Graduation in Computer Application(MCA) and then joined where I worked for 5 years. I joined GiveIndia because it is the place where I get a chance to give back to society. Also, it gives opportunity to learn new things. Happy to work with Giveindia."


Aditya Shetye | Technology

Aditya Shetye Success is no longer measured in terms of how much money one has accumulated over their lifetime. Today, transformative and diverse experiences are much more sought after. Giving is one such experience. At GiveIndia, I not only get to give back to society but also get the opportunity to help others do the same. Being a part of the Tech Team allows me to develop and sharpen my skills while using them for the benefit of others.


Ishwarya Subramanian | Credibility Assurance

Ishwarya Subramanian "I have always believed that kindness is the greatest wisdom. Give India offers me a platform where I can put my compassion to action; take a step forward and be the change I wish to see. My wish, dream and hope is to make the world a place like John Lenon describes in his song-Imagine".

Prior to working with GiveIndia, Ishwarya has worked with Citius Tech and JP Morgan.She works with the Credibility Assurance Team in GiveIndia.


Nikhila Kanakamedala | Credibility Assurance

nikhila Kanakamedala I joined GiveIndia because it felt like the right thing to do. My time here has convinced me that the world is neither bad nor beautiful-it’s just difficult. And the organisations that we work with help make the difficult reality less difficult for the people they serve. Working with these diverse organizations and seeing them do what they do restores my faith in humanity and convinces me of a better tomorrow.

Prior to joining the Credibility and Assurance team at GiveIndia, Nikhila worked with Teach for India and NASSCOM Foundation.


Priya Ramesh | Credibility Assurance

Priya Ramesh GiveIndia offers me a platform to help the less-privileged get the kind of opportunities that I have been lucky enough to receive. I have done a BSc in Statistics and an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management, Indore. I love reading (especially sci-fi and fantasy fiction) as well as watching TV shows. I work with the Credibility Assurance Team at GiveIndia.


Pauras Kubal | Credibility Assurance

Pauras Kubal Having done my BA in Economics from University of Mumbai, I was doing Gandhi fellowship with Kaivalya Education Foundation where I was working on the mindset, knowledge and transaction of municipal school teachers and principals along with doing developmental projects in the schools and the communities. While working at the grass roots, I identified the importance of money reaching the poorest individual with utmost transparency and how every individual in this country must contribute to the development of the society.

GiveIndia gave me a perfect platform wherein I could be responsible in handling the flow of money from the haves to have-nots and impact social development at scale.


Abhinav Srivastava | Payroll Giving

Abhinav Srivastava"My journey with GiveIndia started few days back but my association with NGO is not something new, my father has also been working since long for one of the NGO. My personal belief is that your learning and personal growth can be accelerated by working for a non-profit organization. When you join an NGO you are not just doing it for giving back to society, but are also gaining much more. It has been observed that behavior of people change when they are in a situation where they are reminded of moral values and idealism, such as near Schools, in churches and in temples. This is exactly why when you meet truly dedicated people in an NGO, you will see their Guards down, people become much more open, much more ready to change and much more inclined to listen to all points of view.

GiveIndia has inspired me in one way or the other. I am just amazed at all the things we are capable as a team with each having unique qualities that have propelled us this far now. GiveIndia is one of the greatest things happened to me in my life. My life can be cleanly divided into two parts before and after joining GiveIndia. If an organization can mould a person in such a way that someone who once was playful and careless has now become a responsible, calm and patient person, no wonders it can bring about a change in each and everyone’s life.

GiveIndia is indeed a blessing in disguise. I haven’t experienced the joy of giving until I joined GiveIndia. After this association, I have become a responsible person not only to the society, but also to my home. Every time I think of GiveIndia my heart fills with pride and peace. A million thanks to GiveIndia for making me what I am now."


Devesh Kharve | Technology

Devesh Kharva"After completing my BE in Computer Science in 2016, I wanted to work in a challenging environment where I can get to learn and grow. At GiveIndia, we work as a team for a good cause, this makes it more fun to take over the problems we encounter. I like solving problems and my hobby includes cooking and sketching. Before GiveIndia I worked as an Associate Engineering at ClearTrail Technologies, Indore."


Sanchita Dasgupta | Credibility Assurance

Sanchita Dasgupta"Born and brought up in Calcutta, I have graduated from St. Xavier's College, Calcutta with Finance Hons, and I am currently a semi-qualified Company Secretary. I worked with two start-ups before joining GiveIndia, and have been a volunteer English Teacher and Mentor at Make a Difference for two academic years. I have always been bothered by discrimination and the issues cropping out of it. Joining GiveIndia has opened up a whole new avenue where I can do my bit to bridge the gap between the needy and the available resources. My hobbies include exploring new places, music and food as well as writing, painting and solving Sudoku."


Divya Shirali | Accounts

Divya Shirali"Doing something for the society by whatever means available was a small wish I had being a child. Now being a proud GIVEINDIAN, I can give back to the society. Very thankful to the organization for making me a part of it and giving me this opportunity. I love little smiles and want to bring up more smiles in this journey."


Anuruddh Mishra | Technology

Anuruddh Mishra"Anuruddh is working as a Software Development Engineer at Give India. Prior to this he has worked with Citibank where he worked on Risk Analytics for Mortgage Backed Securities. He has a Bachelor of Technology degree from IIT(BHU) Varanasi."


Pawar Pooja | Credibility Assurance

Pawar Pooja"I have completed my Master's in Mass Communication from Bombay University. It makes me feel proud to be a part of Give India family as it gave me a platform where I can bring out my passion through action working with young and dynamic minds."


Vivek Nautiyal | Product Management

Vivek Nautiyal"Vivek works in the product management team focussing on demand-side products. Vivek is also the founder of India's first political social network HumBee, which is niche community for meaningful political discussions. Previously, he has experience working in Technology and a brief stint as a civil servant with the government of India. Vivek is a staunch believer in the power of technology and system design to make a meaningful impact in the lives of the most vulnerable sections of our society. Vivek has a Bachelor's degree from IIT Kharagpur."


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Our Volunteers -  

Pawan Mehra 

Mr. Pawan mehra"Why am I supporting GiveIndia? Because it makes giving easy and transparent. When I moved out of India over a year ago, I was looking for a way to give India back. I began to search for mechanisms to give to causes that I felt for and soon realized that they (mechanisms) were not easy to come by. Moreover I realized that I would like to be assured that my act of giving was benefiting the cause I felt for. That is when I came across GiveIndia and began supporting it so that other friends might also be able to use the quick and efficient way of giving that GiveIndia is all about."

Pawan has been working with IT and high technology companies internationally for 8 years. He is currently Director of Business Development at Syntel, Inc. Prior to Syntel he was a venture capital professional. He was a Principal at mc3 ventures (formerly McKenna Capital) in Silicon Valley and an investment manager at GVFL Ltd, the oldest venture fund in India. Pawan focuses on the segments of Information Technology and Communications; and their application in financial services, healthcare and telecom. He has invested in/ managed 8 companies and evaluated over 200 companies in these areas. Pawan serves on the boards of a number of companies and continues to advise a number of companies in Asia and the US. He has a Bachelors Degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering from Delhi College of Engineering; an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad.


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