Gift vision by sponsoring part cost of a cataract surgery - Single donation, INR 100


Sankara Eye Foundation units across India are recognized as one of the premier providers of eye care in the country. The vision of Sankara was born from the need to provide quality eye care to everyone, regardless of socio-economic, religious, linguistic and geographical backgrounds.

The Basics

Blindness is a major public health problem in India. The sobering statistics are a clear illustration of the vicious cycle of poverty & disability. Generally without an income, persons with disabilities are amongst the poorest members of the society; poverty also deprives them of access to healthcare. While cataract can be treated with an expensive, simple operation, some evidence suggested that lack of money (affordability) is a major barrier to uptake of cataract surgery among poorer and economically disadvantaged sections of the society.

How It Works

• The positive revenue generated from the NGO’s paying section can only partially subsidize the community eye care services.
• Donations play an important role in helping the NGO to complete the year’s committed number of free adult cataract surgeries.
• Majority of the patients include underprivileged adults who come from rural areas of Punjab.


• 25% - Percentage of the world’s population of blind people which is in India
• 60% - Percentage of people who turn blind due to cataract
• 250 km. – Distance between the Ludhiana hospital and people’s homes in rural areas
• 2 million – Annual incidence of blind patients due to cataract
• 12 million – Number of people in India who have a potentially blinding eye disease
• 40 million – Cataract is the cause of blindness for half of this number of blind people worldwide

Donation Option Break-up cost in INR
Cost of surgery 700.00
Equipment usage cost 390.00
Spectacles 20.00
Food 250.00
Transport 140.00
Unit Price 1500
Total 1500
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Gift of Vision
Shinderpal Kaur aged 45 years, resident of Jagraon Village, Ludhiana district, came to camp with a complaint of diminished vision. She had been suffering with blurred vision from her left eye since 4 years. She was a teacher in one of the private schools in her village. Her husband is a driver. Once when he went for work he did not returned. Even the family does not know whether he is alive or not. Her son is 19 yrs old, studying in 10th standard and doing a part time job as a helper and earning Rs. 2000 per month and daughter is studying in 6th standard. After the second delivery her health condition become worse and become a wheel chair user. Due to financial status she did not take proper health care.
Since 5 years she found it difficult in seeing things. One day her sister was going to buy something from nearby grocery shop and there she saw the banner of Sankara Eye Hospital that they are organizing a free eye check up and surgery camp for poor and needy people. With the support of her son they reached the camp. The doctors identified her cataract problem and referred her to base hospital for further medical support
She had lost hope to see the things clearly because she did not have money to get herself operated. But after getting her surgery done she is quite happy and relaxed that without spending money she got her vision back and at least she was able to cure one of her problems. She could not imagine any hospital treating poor and needy people like Sankara Eye Hospital. She is very happy and thankful to almighty and staff for treating her well

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