Provide rations to a malnourished child to cover three months, INR 1600

" Overview

Gram Vikas Trust (GVT) is a National Level Organization established by the Krishak Bharti Cooperative Limited (KRIBHCO) with the support of Government of India and Department for International Development (DFID), UK. GVT was started as a division of KRIBHCO to look after Eastern India Rainfed Projects (EIRFP) and Western India Rainfed Projects (WIRFP) in some states by forming several clusters in tribal areas for the upliftment of the tribals. However, with the passage of time, from 2010 onwards, GVT not only diversified its activities, but also its geographical presence. It started some new initiatives and activities in line with its mission and vision like undertaking skill development of rural youth in various trades, having good job opportunities in business houses, agri-business, market linkages to rural handicraft artisans etc.

The Basics

The percentage of malnourished children is quite high in Bharuch district. Among the blocks that were covered in the survey, Jhagadia block of Bharuch was found to have the maximum percentage of malnourished children In fact, there is a strong correlation between backward blocks and the rate of malnourished children. Gram Vikas Trust has carried out surveys through children’s groups in many villages. Each child should get nutritious food through Anganwadis in their respective villages. Gram Vikas Trust will prepare nutrition kits and give them to various Anganwadis in the villages. GVT also monitors regular feedback from the Anganwadi as well as from the parents.

How It Works

• The process at the field started with orienting Volunteers and Children’s Group leaders on conducting nutritional assessment using Mid Upper Arm Circumference (MUAC) tape, use of Bacto H2 test kit for water testing and skit for street play.
• These processes delayed the start of actual campaign at the village level by a couple of days.
• Some of the partners already had their planned activities and had to accommodate this campaign by modifying their earlier action plan.
• As per the new plan, Children’s Group members identified from the Anganwadi registered the names of children in the preschool level, and depending upon their convenience, they either visited those children at their household or at the Anganwadi centre.
• They recorded the nutritional status of the child and elicited information with regard to the diet, frequency of diet given to the child, hand washing practices etc. from the parents.
• They also enquired about availability of a kitchen garden.
• All the information, where ever possiblewas recorded by the children.
• The members also invited the parents to come to the public place at a pre-scheduled time for a video show and street theatre on malnutrition issues.
• Both the video show and street play generated lot of interest among parents of malnourished children and every one appreciated the efforts of the children.
• Water test report was shared by the children to the community members and many were shocked to realize that they had been drinking contaminated water.
• With the request of Children’s Group members, adult members including community leaders wrote an appeal letter to major political parties to declare specific agenda of the party on malnutrition issue in their election manifesto.
• Those letters were sent through post to the district and state offices of political parties.


• 1-5 – Age-group of children who are registered by the Children’s Group Members
• 2 – Number of children per 10 children in the age-group of 1-5 years who are malnourished
• 2-3 – Number of days by which the campaign was delayed
• 4.2% - Percentage of children aged 1-5 years who are malnourished

Donation Option Break-up cost in INR
Rations (pulses/ rice/ flour/ oil/ salt) 810.00
500 gms tin of Horlicks 190.00
1. kg of Milk Powder 350.00
Glucose biscuits 250.00
Unit Price 1600
Total 1600
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Community Care improve childrens health
Gram Vikas Trust organized a campaign against malnutrition in Gujarat State – By the children For the children. The nutrition of 5117 children from 80 villages was assessed of which 1151 were found to be malnourished. Savita a one and half year old girl child from Kharia village was amongst them. She was very sick about two month ago said her mother Geetaben Vasava. Savita had severe diarrhea, leaving her very frail. The watery diarrhea stopped, but she was still thin and weak, and not able to eat or drink anything.
Savita was drastically under weight for her age, and a Children Group recognized the severity of her condition. Her mother was asked to bring her every day to the Aganwadi centre.Geetaben regularly bring Savita in the Aganwadi where a GVT is implementing the malnutrition programme along with ICDS. Although seriously ill when she began treatment, she started improving gradually.
After Savita began teating the special biscuits, she almost immediately began to eat and drink water and milk again Geetaben said. As days passed. she regained energy and became more active. The young girl even began smiling again. The Children Group saved my child she says.

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