Reimburse the costs of 40 sessions of Art & Craft to provide livelihood to a poor girl or young woman, INR 3275

" Overview

Foundation for Initiatives in Development and Education for All (IDEA) was instituted in Pune with a vision to make education more accessible and widespread in the underprivileged children. Born as a result of a need to improve the situation and reduce the number of school dropouts amongst underprivileged children, IDEA has grown by leaps and bounds since its inception.

The Basics

While attempting to create opportunities for the school drop outs in the NGO’s project areas they come across young women who had to drop out of school and girls who want an income to either finance their own education or to supplement the family income. Their Art and Craft classes are tailored for such ladies. They also enjoy making useful articles for their own use as well as to give away as gifts.

How It Works

• Needy women or girls from IDEA’s project areas are eligible to attend the classes.
• As soon as a certain number of beneficiaries enroll their names, a new batch begins.
• In case IDEA does not have donations for all they dip into their general funds or try for local sponsorships.
• IDEA develops the syllabus based on the articles that have good retail value.
• Classes are usually held thrice a week within the community.
• The venue could be an Anganwadi centre/ a beneficiary’s residence, the community hall or even the IDEA centre.
• Currently articles taught include decorative lamps, bridal mehendi, embroidery, artificial jewellery (paper quilling & beads), ceramic painting, glass painting, paper bags, greeting cards, etc.
• The venue remains the same through the year.
• IDEA ensures regular attendance and successful completion from all participants through a refundable deposit collected from the participants at the beginning of the course.
• Apart from this a nominal one-time fee is charged to meet expenses.
• IDEA has few resource experts with various skills.
• Raw materials are purchased in bulk by IDEA.
• IDEA participates in NGO fairs and articles sold fetch the beneficiaries an income.
• IDEA is in the process of equipping the girls to handle start to end processes themselves right from purchasing raw materials to making articles, marketing and selling the products.


• 2 – Number of hours per session
• 3 – Number of times in a week when classes are usually held
• 4 – Number of centres run by IDEA
• 5-6 days – Number of days at a stretch when classes might be held at times
• 6-7 – Number of resource experts with various skills

Donation Option Break-up cost in INR
Trainer, Conveyance and Coordinator costs 2425.00
Raw materials 550.00
Administration and feedback cost 300.00
Unit Price 3275
Total 3275
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A budding entrepreneur in a slum.
Coming from a poor family, Savita could study only up to Grade 12 before marriage. She is married to a vegetable vendor and has a young daughter. She was fully occupied in household duties in her joint family. Her need to have an income of her own brought her to IDEA Art & Craft class.
In the Art & Craft class we, initially, introduce various options so that the beneficiaries can select items based on their interest & learn more from the instructor. Savita learnt many skills like making artificial jewelry, woven handbags with paper, glass painting, greeting cards etc. Savita attended the class twice weekly for around 4 months. Her talent in making these art & craft items was clearly evident from the fine products she used to make.
Savita uses her skill in art & craft in making various items by weaving paper like hand bags, pen stands, jewelry with paper quelling & fabric painting which are her master pieces. Apart from earning a small but regular income, the family also saves a lot of money in purchasing gifts as Savita makes the gifts by herself. Savita is now interested to develop her business.

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