Help a mother living in a remote village deliver a healthy child and ensure safe motherhood, INR 2500

Sabuj Sangha covers over 250,000 people in two blocks - Mathurapur II and Patharpratima in South 24 Parganas district West Bengal. The Sunderbans being a delta, is inhabited by 4 million people, living on 54 islands. Sabuj Sangha provides medical services through a Rural Health and Training Centre (RHTC) in a remote village of Sunderbans in Nandakumarpur with facilities like OPD, Maternity Wards, Operation Theatres, Pathological Laboratory etc.

How It Works

• The remoteness of the Sunderbans and its isolation from the mainland has led the population to survive in abject poverty with no alternative livelihood other than agriculture, pisciculture and other minor forest product collection.
• The region lacks basic amenities like transport, electricity, medical and health services, educational facilities, sanitation facilities and so on.
• Girls here get married within 17 years and have babies by 25 years. However, they seldom get adequate food or rest through their pregnancy.
• They are not screened for common risks and deficiencies.
• Women living near active sub-centers receive two Tetanus shots and 100 Iron tablets.
• Until recently, 90% deliveries took place in home or at quack clinics. Recent Government initiatives (free delivery till 2nd child, incentives, transport, etc) and active support from capable NGOs in the locality is gradually turning the tide for good.
• Mortality rates are marginally high, but the risk of unscreened pregnancy in a land of marginal facilities (no facilities after dusk) is enormous.
• There NGO has a community delivery centre, run in collaboration with the National Rural Health Mission in the remote island of Herambagopalpur.
• The organization has trained health workers to conduct door-to-door antenatal and postnatal care checkups for rural women.
• This donation will help Sabuj Sangha help a woman have a safe delivery.

Donation Option Break-up cost in INR
Purchase of Medicine for ANC support 50.00
Average cost of delivery in Hospital 1600.00
Health worker charges 200.00
USG & Pathological support to mother 300.00
Administrative Cost 350.00
Unit Price 2500
Total 2500
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Promoting Safe Institutional Delivery
Aparna Mirdya married 3 years ago and came to live with her husband and his family in Nandakumarpur in South 24 Parganas. After a number of months, a Swasthya Sevika (community health worker) of Sabuj Sangha suggested she undergo a pregnancy test. Aparna was overjoyed when the pregnancy test revealed that she was, in fact, pregnant with her first child. However, due to the poor financial status of her husband, Aparna was severely malnourished. She weighed just 34 kg and her blood pressure was alarmingly low.
The Swasthya Sevika advised Aparna that in order for her to have a successful delivery, she would have to take care of herself. She was advised to follow a healthy diet and take adequate rest. The Swasthya Sevika conducted regular antenatal checkups to ensure that both mother and baby were healthy. Aparna was also advised to go to Anchal, the local sub centre to receive a Tetanus injection. Her weight increased over time and she weighed 41.7kg in the last month of pregnancy. Due to her condition, the health worker felt it would be safer for Aparna to have her baby in the hospital in case there were any complications.
Aparna was admitted to Sabuj Sangha Rural Health and Training Centre on her expected date of delivery. Later that night she gave birth to a boy weighing 2.4 kg. She recalls the incident, saying at first she was afraid about going to the hospital but later, she did not want to leave. She received a hypothermia kit after the institutional delivery was completed safely. The health worker continued to guide her after the birth, informing on various infant cares and feeding techniques.

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