Sponsor formal education of a poor girl - Single donation, INR 100

Indian Dreams Foundation (IDF) works with down-trodden and underprivileged communities in the slums of Agra in North India with the objective of helping them maximize their potential and improve their lives. IDF works in the fields of education, health and hygiene and empowerment of women and children. It also strives to improve the awareness of these communities about health, education and human rights. "Enhancing Children's Learning Program" (ECL) is a part of its School Reforms Program. This program is designed to enhance learning and improve the quality of education in government primary schools in rural areas. Under Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) and Right to Education Act 2010, the government provides many facilities to poor children. However, awareness regarding these facilities is low, resulting in low levels of enrolment. Through ECL, IDF tries to influence children and their parents to turn to education and to enroll the children in these schools. ECL bridges the gap between community and school. The quality of education in government/ municipal schools, especially in rural areas, remains low for various reasons such as lack of funds, poor infrastructure, number and quality of teachers, water and sanitation facilities, etc. Through the ECL program, IDF identifies and adopts such schools. It works with them to set up and improve infrastructure, conducts teachers' training, collaborates with government authorities to start mid-day meals, distribute free books, uniforms, teaching equipment, etc. IDF thus ensures smooth functioning of these schools. ECL ensures greater focus on math and language through creative and play way methods, introduces extracurricular activities, etc. Through this donation option, IDF seeks funding for the education of five children for one year, the cost for which works out to approximately Rs. 4200.

Donation Option Break-up cost in INR
Teacher training session expenses – travel, honorarium for visiting experts 180.00
Supporting Teaching Materials i.e. Charts, posters, books, puzzles etc. 290.00
Monitoring & Evaluation Cost 360.00
Local conveyance Expenses for volunteers 300.00
Telephone Follow up Cost 120.00
Annual Festival Celebration Cost 300.00
Art & craft Materials 600.00
Quarterly Test Expenses 300.00
Feedback & Reporting Cost 250.00
Refreshment cost of teachers’ training, Purchase of stationary for documentation 300.00
Unit Price 3000
Total 3000
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Transforming lives of the children
Etmadpur is a town (tehsil) in Agra district in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India. There are many government primary and upper primary schools. But the enrollment of children is very low, lack of quality education, inefficient teaching methodologies, large gap between schools and parents, lack of discipline, no. of dropout & out of children were more etc. The grants provided by government for development and maintenance of school were not accountable & utilized properly i.e. there were no toilet and water facility for children, roofs of the classes were drooping etc.
IDF organized counseling sessions and awareness workshops for children and their parents about importance of education and government’s schemes for the children, Prepare teaching schedules, Motivated parents to send their children to the School regularly and readmitted dropout children in to the schools. IDF trains Teachers in creative learning techniques to produce a more interactive learning environment and present the syllabus in more meaningful ways. IDF bridge the gap between community and school. IDF utilized all government grants for the development of the schools i.e. infrastructure etc. and maintained transparency & accountability.
Through IDF’s intervention, increased awareness among parents towards importance of education, govt. schemes for education, numbers of dropouts were readmitted in the schools; teachers use creative and play way method in teaching to generate interest of the children. IDF also maintained regularity in the children.

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