Sponsor a small rainwater harvesting underground tank and prevent water scarcity for an extremely poor family in the Thar desert, INR 16450

A taanka is an underground tank for harvesting rainwater as well as storing water. It is a traditional method of water storage in dry areas. It taps and stores rain water from a local catchment- natural or artificial. Gramin Vikas Vigyan Samiti provides these tanks to store water that is transported in cattle carts and /or tractors, when the catchment runs dry. Thus, the tank forms an important element of water security in arid regions of the Thar desert, as it provides great relief to the women and girls from having to fetch water everyday.

How It Works

• Each village has a village development committee, which is a unanimously elected village body. It consists of representatives from all sections of society. Therefore they have a fair idea of the general state of affairs across all sections of village society.
• The village development committee selects beneficiaries for construction of the water tanks and forwards the application to GRAVIS.
• Materials and resources are purchased at nearby local sellers to reduce the overhead cost.
• The beneficiaries help with the construction of the tanks by providing additional labor. The size and cost of the tank varies depending on the location and the size of the land owned by the beneficiaries.
• The tanks supported by GiveIndia are comparatively smaller than other tanks due to high cost of construction but very useful to families with very limited land, means and resources.

The Statistics

• The average water storage capacity of a tank is around 20,000 liters of water.
• A fully filled tank will be sufficient for a household of 6-7 members for a period of 5-6 months.

Donation Option Break-up cost in INR
800 stones 4500.00
Sand 1500.00
Two 10 feet Stone slabs for covering 1200.00
4 stone slabs 5 feet ( Rs. 200 per slab) 800.00
4 stone slabs of 4 feet ( Rs. 150 per slab) 600.00
4 stone slabs of 3 feet ( Rs. 100 per slab) 400.00
4 stone slabs of 2 feet each  (Rs. 50 per slab) 200.00
Labour for mason 3500.00
Cement – 12 bags 3350.00
Lid & mesh 400.00
Unit Price 16450
Total 16450
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A Taanka for Dhapu Devi of Kushlawa village
Villagers in remote villages rely on traditional water harvesting structures, which provide them water in dry periods. Kushlawa is a village of Jodhpur district of Rajasthan. Like many villages, drinking water is a major problem here. Dhapu Devi is an old woman of 73 years of age. Her family has 10 members. Dependant on farming affected by erratic rains, the family lives in poverty and had no facility to store drinking water. Dhapu and other members of her family had to walk 4 kilometres everyday to bring water.
With the help of GRAVIS, the family has got a new taanka. The taanka has relieved the family from the pain of water fetching drudgery. It is now a new life for them. They can have enough water for drinking, the health is improving and they are saving money and time. 3 girls from the family have started going to school regularly as they don t need to go to fetch water every day.
As an impact of said interventions, now members of families started take a bath in routine. This protects them from various infectious diseases. The time saved is being used in farming and the money saved can now be used for buying other necessary items. We are happier and healthier. Our new taanka has given us a new life says Dhapu Devi.

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