Sponsor home based treatment of 25-30 poor disabled children for a month, INR 2500

Vikash has been running their Community Based Rehabilitation for disabled children for the past 12 years. Mukti Kiran is an independent institution providing institutional services along with residential facilities to disabled people.

How It Works

• The initiative works with disabled children who are a marginalized and neglected group, primarily because of their impairments.
• Families of such children often do not know how to care for such children.
• The project facilitates development of children with disabilities (CWDs) in their home with their parents.
• These CWDs are physically and/or mentally disabled. Multi-Rehabilitation workers (MRWs) in the project areas cover around 25-30 CWDs each.
• During visits, the workers teach families how to care for such children.
• Therapy, training and counseling are primarily provided at the family level.
• Parents' skills are improved to manage their disabled children appropriately.
• They visit their home twice/thrice a week. Technical therapists also visit families at least once a month to provide therapy and guide the MRWs & parents/guardians of CWDs.
• CWDs are supported and encouraged to get admitted and continue their education in general schools. Parents are also assisted to help them avail of Government schemes.
• The parents association, especially mothers are involved in networking so that mothers can be part of the decision making process and become a support group to each other.

The Basics

• Existing assistive devices have also been modified so that they are more child-friendly.
• The CBR model is the best alternative to institutional model for better rehabilitation.
• The present project area covers 32 GPs and 1 NAC in Gop and Pipli blocks of Puri District and Jatni block in Khordha District in the state of Odisha.
• Locally trained masons and carpenters develop PWD friendly infrastructure, which is made up of locally available cost effective material.
• This includes installing bamboo bars in the toilet or parallel bars outside the homes of physically disabled children so that they can practice walking.

The Statistics

• Currently, 21 local youths (MRWs) both male and female are engaged to provide therapy and counselling at the community level.
• There are 710 CWDs in need of Community Based Rehabilitation Services.

Donation Option Break-up cost in INR
Cost of Rehabilitation Charges by 1-MRW for services of 25-30 disabled children per month 2500.00
Unit Price 2500
Total 2500
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Madhusmita Chinara
Madhusmita is the third child of Late Purna Chandra Chinara and Minati Chinara. She has 2 elder brothers. She belongs to a poor family. They don’t have any land of their own. Her father was a daily labourer. During that period she used to sit in one place and also cannot talk, always saliva flows out of her mouth. She had fits attacks 2-3 times a day. She was unable to understand anything and was also unable to talk. Neighbors’ tease her insane, lame etc.
We under took her in CBR project and she was provided facilities like counseling services by MRW & therapists, Medical Assessment, Fits Medicine, OT/PT, ADL Training, Speech Therapy and Disability Certificate and Pension.
After regular follow up her fits reduced and flowing of saliva also reduced. She was given regular therapy after which major improvements were seen in her. She is now able to talk. She is now able to walk on her own and also does her work. She helps her mother in her household work. Seeing these improvements community participation also increased. Whenever they find any disable child in the area they communicate us. There is a saying now in the community that after the Vikash intervention in the area most of the children are now able to lead a normal life.

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