Support the living expenses of an orphan child - Single donation, INR 100


Shreevatsa, a special child care centre run by SOFOSH, was established in 1973. This centre caters to the needs of abandoned, orphaned children. Babies relinquished by their single birth mothers are also offered shelter under this roof. Thus, Shreevatsa offers a loving home and hope to family deprived children

How It Works

• Children here are well looked after and provided with healthy and nutritious food along with additional supplements, whenever required, to combat malnutrition.
• The medical need of each and every child is also the responsibility of the institution and this is shouldered by their able team of doctors and nurses.
• Therapy also forms an integral part of child care and thus they also impart speech therapy, massage therapy, play therapy etc. to the children as and when required.
• A long term rehabilitation programme for each child is worked out according to their individual needs.
• In case of some disability, if a child is not adopted by six years of age, he/she is transferred to another home run by SOFOSH, TARA centre.
• SOFOSH’s main aim has always been to find a home for these children as institutional care cannot substitute family care.
• This has made SOFOSH one of the pioneering adoption agencies in Pune today.
• Children are taken care of with love and affection here.
• A pre-school is run at the campus to make sure that every child gets the chance to learn.
• A few children even go to reputed schools in the city.


• Newborn to 6 year olds – Age group of the children at Srivatsa
• 6 years – The age before which Srivatsa aims to turn the children in for adoption
• 65-75 – Number of children at the centre

Donation Option Break-up cost in INR
Bedding, bed sheets & clothes 70.00
Baby food / food for children & milk cost 440.00
Monthly salaries & gratuity for nurses/ teachers/ social workers/ helpers & ayas 4580.00
Conveyance, fuel, maintenance charges, postage, telephones, printing & stationery 290.00
Medicines & toiletries 120.00
Unit Price 5500
Total 5500
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Secured home for abandoned children
When Omkar came to Shreevatsa in Oct 2009, he was 11 days old weighing a meager 2.5kg. After a series of medical investigations it was found that he had TGA(Transposition of Great Arteries), VSD(Ventricular Septal Defect), PDA (Patent Ductus Arterious) and Juxtaposed RAA (Right Atrial Appendage). His case was declared as high risk case for the surgical repair. An Artial switch surgery was recommended for him.
After thorough medical investigation it was recommended that the mentioned surgeries are necessary for his survival. SOFOSH initiated discussions with Narayan Hrudayalaya Hospital and doctors told that he has to weigh min. 5kg to undergo surgery. With special efforts his progress with proper nutritional care on 13th July he was taken to Bangalore and operated on 20th July for Left modified Blalock Taussig Shunt using 5mm Goretex Graft.
After surgery he is recuperating at Shreevatsa premises where special care is given showing positive responses which is helping him live his life with ease. This surgery is a stepping stone for him to lead a normal life. SOFOSH is looking for a family for his adoption where he will get an individual attention and medical care. Like any regular child Omkar too has a right to have loving parents and his own protective home.

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