Save a mother by contributing to a fund to pay for complicated deliveries requiring blood transfusion, INR 10000


Charutar Arogya Mandal (CAM) is an NGO based out of the district of Anand in the state of Gujarat, India.

How It Works

• This donation is for a woman who has had a complicated delivery procedure requiring blood transfusion at the Gynaecology department at CAM.
• When the family of the patient approaches CAM for medical treatment, they are first interviewed by the doctor who then refers the case to the Patient Support Group (PSG).
• PSG comprises of two units namely a) Concession and b) Fundraising.
• The Concession Unit does a background check on the patient's family, analyzes their socio-economic condition, undertakes a home visit (if required), interviews neighbours and accordingly prepares a report recommending fundraising which is forwarded to the CAM management.
• The Fundraising Unit develops the patient's profile, prepares an appeal to be published in the local media, to be posted on the internet and to be put up at different hospital corners.
• This strategy is adopted if the treatment cost is more than Rs.1 lakh.
• If the treatment cost is less than Rs.1 lakh, the patient is treated at subsidized rates jointly funded by the patient's family and CAM.
• Once admitted, the doctor at CAM monitors the patient's treatment and progress. • CAM maintains regular contact with the beneficiary s family through home visits and phone calls.
• The Fundraising Unit keeps a track of funds raised for respective beneficiaries and ensures that funds are utilized properly.

Donation Option Break-up cost in INR
Towards fund to pay for complicated deliveries requiring blood transfusion 10000.00
Unit Price 10000
Total 10000
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Kokilaben Maganbhai Parmar mothers a healthy child after 19 miscarriages
Kokilaben Maganbhai Parmar a resident of Bilpad village at Anand District was married before 23 years. Pursuing the social chronology she desired to conceive and start her family. Unfortunately, due to some internal malfunctioning in her physique, she could not carry her pregnancy for long and had 17 induced abortions till date. In these years of her marriage they have spent their fortune on her treatment. Succumbing to the social and familial pressures she had 18th pregnancy where she lost her 3 day young female child. Succumbing to the familial and social pressures she went against medical advice and conceived for the 19th time, with no money to back up her ante natal care, she was referred to our hospital ill, mentally and emotionally sick.
Treating Kokilaben was not easy since the medical history was very critical. The Gynecologist of our hospital put her on conservative treatment from the day she was referred to our hospital. She was admitted in the hospital twice for 77 days, till she delivered a healthy male child. The hospital waived off a part of her treatment cost considering the economic pressures they have been into in the past years.
The couple is very happy after having a healthy child, especially the mother who has encountered multiple familial and social hurdles, keeps apart the health issues. She gave birth to a male child on 19/02/2008. Kokilaben is recovering steadily after taking lengthy medical care and her husband too is completely concerned about his wifes health now. Not much needs to be said about their feelings, as the happiness is apparent when the couple is seen regular for the monthly medical follow up of the wife. Our achievement is not actually in treating her clinically, but in enabling her to live a happy life with contentment.

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