Sponsor a bicycle to enable the higher education of a girl, INR 3250

" Overview

Gramin Vikas Trust (GVT) is a National Level Organization established by the Krishak Bharti Cooperative Limited (KRIBHCO) with the support of Government of India and Department for International Development (DFID), UK. GVT was started as a division of KRIBHCO to look after Eastern India Rainfed Projects (EIRFP) and Western India Rainfed Projects (WIRFP) in some states by forming several clusters in tribal areas for the upliftment of the tribals. However, with the passage of time, from 2010 onwards, GVT not only diversified its activities, but also its geographical presence. It started some new initiatives and activities in line with its mission and vision like undertaking skill development of rural youth in various trades, having good job opportunities in business houses, agri-business, market linkages to rural handicraft artisans etc.

The Basics

The main purpose of the project is to provide transport facility to those girl children who have passed the 7th standard and there is no higher class within the village to reduce the drop out among the girl children and support them for higher education in nearby villages.

How It Works

• With the help of village level committee as well as Women Self help group the NGO identified the number of girls who need the bicycle based on certain criteria.
• They also considered the high dropout rate of girl children from the village which was pretty high after 5th or 7th Grade while selecting girls for the project.
• The programme started in the year 2008, and till date no cases of children dropping out of the school after getting a bicycle has occurred, due to constant monitoring.
• The organization also involves SHGs and village level groups for their involvement and monitoring.
• In the case of girls who have got the bicycle and remain absent for more than a day without reason, the school teacher will inform the NGO as well as group members who will then follow up the case.
• They purchase the bicycles in bulk from the wholesaler and get some discounts per bicycle.
• They also provide door delivery.
• Though Gujarat government has a scheme of sponsoring bicycles to high school girls, it is only restricted to girls from SC / ST background.
• Here in GVT, there is no such discrimination.


• 3-5 km. – Distance between nearby villages and the villages where the girls are residing
• 10 km. – Minimum required distance from the school to the girls’ homes in order to receive donation from the Gujarat Government
• 85% - Dropout rate of girls after 5th or 7th grade

Donation Option Break-up cost in INR
Avon bicycle 3150.00
Transport + Admin 100.00
Unit Price 3250
Total 3250
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A bicycle gives Ramila Knowledge, Confidence and Power
Ramila is the oldest sister within her eight members family. She used to spend hours walking from home to school and then back again. She applied to the program after Gram Vikas Trust informed the school she is attending that the Trust would have provided bicycles to girls who found it hard to go to school.
Gram Vikas Trust bought a bicycle for Ramila.
Ramila is able to get to school faster, avoids any time wasting and gives her the chance to concentrate even more on her studies. Her grades have improved considerably since she entered the program and, although she is just in the 7th Grade, she has already started to think about her future, considering the option of enrolling into university and pursuing an engineering degree. Her family is very satisfied too. Without help from Gram Vikas Trust they would not have been able to provide such means to Ramila. Her mother, a housewife, while worried for the safety of Ramila and requiring her to cycle safely, views positively the fact that her daughter spends less time in going to school and can finally use this time to focus on the studies.

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