Help a disabled student to pursue education by sponsoring the monthly hostel expenses, INR 2000


Samarthanam Trust runs an initiative to provide free hostel facilities for the disabled and underprivileged (especially young girls) from Bangalore as well as far-flung, impoverished rural areas in Karnataka and neighbouring states.

How It Works

• Secure shelter is provided along with vigilant supervision, hygienic and nutritious food and safe transportation.
• Volunteers from various corporates provide training in regular course study and extra-curricular activities to ensure holistic development (includes recorded course material for visually impaired).
• Individual care is given to the children.


• 1 – Number of hostels in HSR Layout
• 2 – Number of hostels in JP Nagar
• 2 – Number of teachers who have been currently appointed to train these students
• 31 – Total number of students residing in the hostels

Donation Option Break-up cost in INR
Staff salaries 1250.00
Medical expense 54.00
Admin expense 696.00
Unit Price 2000
Total 2000
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The story of Renuka
Renuka, a visually impaired girl born in a poor family at Abdaravalli village in Haveri district of Karnataka. She lost her father in her early childhood days.
We found her while she was doing her PUC. We counseled her and admitted in Samarthanam hostel. We supported her in all ways to grow personally and professionally.
She successfully completed her graduation in humanities and is now pursuing her post graduation in women studies. I want work in an NGO after my post graduation and do something for women empowerment. She decided what she want to do in future.

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