Provide monthly rations to two children living with AIDS, INR 1100


Swadhar's project ‘Rays of Hope’ was started in 2005 for the rehabilitation of children infected by HIV/Aids (HIV+ve children with HIV+ve parents) or affected by HIV/AIDS ((normal children with HIV+ve parents). The initial funding for the project was provided by “Save The Children” - Canada and UK. Under this project, care is taken of children who are infected or affected by HIV/AIDS.

The Basics

The aim of this project is to rehabilitate these children by giving them support in the form of grocery, medicines, education, emotional support and helping them to live a dignified life.

How It Works

• The cases are either referred to Swadhar by other NGOs or are sent by the hospitals.
• The social workers at Swadhar visit the children’s homes and schools to confirm the genuinity of the case & the economic status of the beneficiaries.
• The case is then presented in the committee for approval.
• After approval, the case is registered at Swadhar and support starts immediately.
• The beneficiaries come to the centre once a month to collect ration, and other nutritional supplements like eggs, milk powder, dates etc. and any other material like clothes, school bags or note books which is collected through donation.
• The need is so large that there is a waiting list of children to get registered at Swadhar.
• The members of Swadhar try to get support from the government, other funding agencies and individuals.
• Every month there is a grocery distribution at the centre for a couple of days.
• Grocery is bought in bulk from the whole seller.
• All the children visit the centre with their parents or care takers.
• The children get nutritional supplement and medical support from Swadhar.
• These children are mostly HIV+ve and orphans.
• Other children are given grocery.
• Educational support is given to all children.
• Children under 'Rays of Hope' fall into the following categories:
1. HIV infected children
2. Children without infection but with infected family members
3. Orphaned children adopted by foster families
4. Children with a high risk of infection


• 0 to 18 years – Age group of children at the centre
• 2 – Number of centres at Pune
• 2 – Number of days in a month when there is grocery distribution at the centre
• 5 yrs. – Age of the youngest child at Swadhar
• 10.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. – The time between which the beneficiaries come to the centre seeking help
• 100 – Number of children who are under the foster care scheme of the Dept. of Women & Child Development
• 150 – Total number of beneficiaries at Swadhar
• Rs. 425 – The amount of money that the beneficiaries receive in the form of a cheque under the “Bal Sangopan Scheme” from the government

Donation Option Break-up cost in INR
Rations 600.00
Protein supplement 300.00
Home visits and admin expenses 200.00
Unit Price 1100
Total 1100
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Rights of children to have a dignified life
Mhalappa is a 7 year old orphan boy whose parents died of AIDS. His uncle and aunt look after him and his 14 year old sister. They live in Ram Nagar, Hadapsar, Pune Both the children are HIV+ve. Mhalappa used to fall sick very often. He was also a patient of T.B. He dropped out of school because of absenteeism.
He is registered under Swadhar project, ‘Rays of Hope’. He is put on a protein rich diet consisting of peanuts, jaggery, dates, eggs and milk powder and Anti-retro-viral treatment recommended by the doctor. There is a substantial improvement in his health. He comes to the centre every month with his aunt to collect his nutritional supplement.
With Swadhar help, he was put back into school. Now Mhalappa is a happy, school going child just like any other child. He is in Grade 1. Though there is an improvement in his health, he is very susceptible to opportunistic infections and falls sick often. But he is no more an orphan child. His uncle and aunt look after him very well and love him which makes him a happy, secured child.

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