Yearly support for an orphaned vulnerable HIV positive child undergoing ART treatment, INR 3400

Marathwada Gramin Vikas Sanstha (MGVS) works for HIV/AIDS-victims in the district of Aurangabad in Maharashtra. Most of the affected children come from families living below the poverty line. Therefore these children do not receive much care or support from their relatives and/or the guardians they live with. Under the Pediatric AIDS Initiative, MGVS provides nutritional supplements, psychological support and travel support for ART and CD4 tests.

How It Works

• The HIV virus has many detrimental effects and is extremely strenuous on the health of the people living with the disease.
• As per National Aids Control Organization (NACO) guidelines, To manage and counter these effects, PLHAs need to visit an Antiretroviral Therapy (ART) centre regularly where services like diagnostics, treatment and voluntary counseling are provided free of cost.
• The children undergo the CD4 tests and if the count is less than a 100, they have to undergo ART treatment, which is to take 2 tablets a day.
• They are required to undergo this test once in 6 months.
• They need to come to the hospital once a month to collect the medicines.
• In addition, MGVS’s outreach workers make a minimum of two visits per month for each child, one of which is a home visit and the other, a home visit or an accompanied visit to the ART centre at Aurangabad.
• The children are provided with supplementary nutrition twice a month, once during the home visit and once when they come to the MGVS office to collect the travel allowance.

The Statistics

The NGO has identified 217 HIV-positive children, of which, 97 are orphans whose parents have passed away from the same disease or children with single parents.

Donation Option Break-up cost in INR
School supplies 400.00
Salary/Honorarium of Outreach worker ( Rs.150 per child x 12 month ) 1800.00
Traveling allowance for 12 home visits for an Outreach worker 1200.00
Unit Price 3400
Total 3400
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Story Title: Pediatric AIDS Initiatives
Irregular follow up of ART, Financially not capable to travel at District place for ART, Unaware about health care facilities, unaware about hygienic practices, parents are not having attention on the children nutrition, health status/other infections, etc.
Sensitize on HIV/AIDS-address stigma and discrimination, Motivate for voluntary testing, support in testing process, identify and mobilize CLHAs. Through Home visits educate communities on HIV/AIDS, OIs, Positive living and others, counseling for communities, families and individuals, ensure treatment adherence, linkages to different services, monitoring of CLHA health status like OIs, side effects of ART and others, delivering and monitoring nutrition supplementation, providing nutrition that is high n protein, low in cost and locally available, distribution mechanism-ensure easy access to CLHAs and ensure proper documentation (Maintenance of register, etc.) , funds should be spent on travel support for each child, facilitate monthly visits to the ART centre for children on ART, facilitate monthly/quarterly visits for children not on ART
After the intervention the parents are paying their attention on children health, regular visit to ART centre, linkages with Mata Bal-Sangopan Yojana & Sanjay Gandhi Niradhar Yojana are the most important thing because they get the financial support from these government schemes. We took the admission of children in the school of CLHA now they are alone going to school for the welfare of their life, every month parents and child came for the nutrition in office. Now the parents gave the attention on the health status of their child also on other infection.

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