Sponsor formal education of a poor girl by reimbursing school fee, uniforms and stationery items for a year, INR 4500

Indian Dreams Foundation (IDF) works with down-trodden and underprivileged communities in the slums of Agra in North India with the objective of helping them maximize their potential and improve their lives. IDF works in the fields of education, health and hygiene and empowerment of women and children. It also strives to improve the awareness of these communities on health, education and human rights. IDF also has a focus on the girl child and her rights to equality, dignity and freedom. "Honhaar Ladki" (meaning "A Girl of Promise") is an education sponsorship program. The target beneficiaries of this program are adolescent girls, especially those from disadvantaged communities and low-income groups, who dropped out from studies due to economic problems. IDF provides financial and motivational support to such children. The main objective behind this program is to enable equal opportunity for access to quality education, especially at the secondary level. The beneficiaries are identified through a clearly-stated selection process at the beginning of the academic year. IDF sponsors the full-year education of the sponsored children. It also mentors the girls for their further education and helps them get enrolment in formal schools. There is regular counselling of the sponsored girls. Quarterly sessions are held for all beneficiaries, especially adolescent girls, on issues such as health and hygiene, menstruation cycle, malnutrition and social behavior. Their progress is also periodically monitored by holding Parent-Teacher (PTA) meetings, School Intervention sessions (SIS), etc. Half-yearly progress reports are prepared whereby the child's progress is monitored and evaluated on the basis of academic progress, behavioral changes, participation in extra activities, health consciousness, social development, etc. The sponsorship amount to cover the cost of education of a disadvantaged girl for one year is Rs.

Donation Option Break-up cost in INR
School Fees including admission, maintenance , tuition and exam fees etc.) 1200.00
Stationary and school bag 680.00
2 pairs of school uniform including tie, belt and I - card 900.00
One pair of shoes , two pairs of socks and winter uniforms 200.00
Administration Expenses 500.00
Monitoring Expenses paid to volunteers or consultants 720.00
Refreshments on parents meeting and workshops 300.00
Unit Price 4500
Total 4500
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Honhaar Ladki
Nagla Mahadev is an urban slum located in Freeganj area of Agra. Here is a government primary school (1st -5th class). Most of the slum’s children are admitted in it and they come to school. But in other hand, we have seen there is a large population of adolescent girls who were wandering without education, they dropped out their studies much early mostly after 5th standard, because of the financial problem of their family and conservative attitude of their parents towards girl child. Most of the girls do their household chores & take care of their siblings. There is a girl Suman, living in the Nagla Mahadev. Her father is a shoe labour, who is hardly arranging the square meal for the family. For last 5 months, she stayed at her home, she didn’t go to school. When she came to the school she looked joyous and active but after left the school, she looked unhappy.
IDF team members met with these girls and their parents & aware them towards the importance of education for girls. Then, IDF launched the girl’s sponsorship program named Honhaar Ladki Campaign. Through this program, girls are sponsored for their education and they benefited all school supplies i.e. Fees, bag, stationary, books etc. IDF has organized motivational counseling sessions for these girls and parents. IDF admitted these girls into the private school, so that they can continue their studies and make their bright future. Regarding Suman, IDF team members visited her home and asked with her parents “Why is she staying at home? Why is she not going to school?” Parents said that their financial condition is not good so as they cannot bear her school fees. They also wanted to send her to the school but they can’t do anything. Then, we motivated them and informed them about our education sponsorship program. Immediately, we admitted Suman into the formal school.
Our sponsored girls are regular in the formal schools including Suman. They could able to continue their studies after a long gap. They look more happy and sincere towards the education. Suman has a dream to be a teacher and teach children like her. Now, she gets up early in the morning, dress up more beautifully and go to school regularly. Her parents are happy to see their daughter into the school.

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