Save the sight of a poor cataract patient by contributing towards a phaco surgery, INR 3500


Dr. Shroff's Charity Eye Hospital's programmes are directed towards interventions which directly or indirectly impact or help in reducing the prevalence of blindness and/ or deafness amongst all sections of the society, thereby reducing the economic burden on the society and making a difference to the lives of those who cannot afford quality care.

How It Works

• The programmes are identified based on the local needs of the community taking into preview the strategic focus of the organization.
• Ideas and suggestions from members/ organizations in the community are kept in consideration while planning the programmes.
• More participatory ways of involving the stakeholders into programme identification are being evolved.
• Key interventions - Clinical: 1. Specific projects are undertaken which target major causes of blindness in North India (diabetic retinopathy, refractive errors, corneal blindness, childhood cataract, etc).
2. The NGO’s main focus is on quality assurance in eye care.
• Social Interventions: 1. Community based rehabilitation is undertaken for persons with disability. The NGO also aims at inclusive development.
2. Dr. Shroff’s Eye Centre has also set up an IT resource centre for the visually impaired in order to train them for employability.
3. Further, underprivileged school-passed girls are being trained as technicians to be employed at vision centres.
• A detailed MIS is prepared for all projects and programmes on a regular basis.
• The same is discussed internally at high-level committees.
• Based on the program requirements, external evaluation is performed by the respective project funding agencies or their technical advisors.


• 3 – Number of surgical centres in the rural regions of Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh for providing good quality eye care at very reasonable costs in underserved locations
• 15 – Number of functional rural vision centres (primary eye care units), for delivering basic eye care at grass roots level

Donation Option Break-up cost in INR
Food/stay for 2 days 500.00
Three follow-ups at the center nearest to patient’s village/hometown 300.00
Transport  250.00
Consumables 2500.00
Unit Price 3550
Total 3550
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Phaco surgery of Ramesh - a sole bread-earner of the family
Ramesh, 41 years old, the sole bread-earner of a family of 8 members, belongs to Bihar, and works as a labor in Bangalore. While working at a site he got injured in his right eye by a stone and developed a cataract. Within days he experienced dimness of vision and then total darkness. Now his vision had dropped down to counting fingers. He was totally heart-broken, as constant pain in the eyes and near blindness was keeping him away from work; his constant worry was, how would he support his family now?
Considering his age and responsibilities in life, the doctors felt that he needed a phaco surgery, as it would give him good quality vision, and that too, without wasting much of his time. Therefore in January 2010, the doctors performed a phaco surgery of his right eye.
As no sutures are needed in this surgery his visual rehabilitation was extremely fast and he could resume his everyday activities soon after. In the immediate and subsequent follow-ups, he reported that he was totally relieved of the pain and got excellent vision back. Now he just requires a few follow-ups and can return to his work. He is happy that despite of being so poor SCEH gave him such a good quality treatment totally free – he could not have asked for more!

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