Sponsor the education of a poor child - Single donation, INR 100

The Purkal Youth Development Society (PYDS) offers a Day Boarding Programme for children up to Class 8 and hope to add Class 9 and 10 this coming year. The Purkal Youth Development Society is associated with the XSeed Programme and for the past two years has been receiving services free of charge. Going forward, this service may not be free due to not having a sponsor. The Purkal Youth Development Society provides stationary and writing materials for the children and also offers Hindi, Sanskrit, and Computer Studies, which is not offered by XSeed. Teacher Costs: Over the years, teacher salaries have improved and recently, a Principal was hired. Prior to adding a Principal, there were only 20 teachers. This number will be increasing with recent demand to 24 teachers. Teacher salaries are roughly Rs 9,500/month and Principal salaries Rs 40,000/month. Transportation via a 15-seater bus is provided for teachers. The cost of the transportation, driver's salary, and maintenance for transportation has also been factored into the teacher's salary. Transportation to and from the school is required since the school is located in a remote area. Education Costs: Each student is provided with books, workbooks, and notebooks. The organization Idiscoveri has also donated content books for the day boarding students. The figure mentioned above is an average figure per child calculated on the basis of actual expenditure for last year and the budgeted for the current year. Each student is provided with 12 notebook @ Rs. 20 each = Rs. 240 and 3 registers @ Rs. 30 each = Rs. 90. The cost of notebooks for each child is now Rs. 330/- in the current year. The total fees per person are Rs. 1015, which consists of Rs.330 for Notebooks+Rs.685, which is the average cost of books and workbooks supplied to children. There are currently 42 SPRY students; this number will be reduced as the program progresses. Going forward, this figure will be updated to include only the day boarding children. Additional fees for library books and maintenance are Rs 213; Computer lab Rs 171, Science lab Rs 171, and Newspapers and Magazines Rs 73.

Donation Option Break-up cost in INR
Teachers/coordinators & staff development teachers 820.00
Teacher transport to School – necessary because of remote location 200.00
Work Books & note books 100.00
Computer lab, Library, Science lab, Newspapers and magazines 60.00
Feedback cost 20.00
Unit Price 1200
Total 1200
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Sponsor a child for learning success
Sahil came to School as an 11 year old, with very little previous education. His schooling had let him down, although he is a clever and talented youngster. He lives in his family group of 7 on the father’s monthly income of Rs2500 per month (around US$55). His family has struggled with a lack of basic education and skills, and his great potential was going to be lost or at best half realised.
Sahil came to school with the hunger to learn and the potential to succeed. We have fed him both physically and mentally, using advanced educational techniques that create curiosity and a passion for knowledge. His teachers are keen for him to do as well as he can and encourage him in his learning. He has wide interests, and our programmes help him become and remain a well balanced young man.
Sahil was able to top his class in October 2009. He is turning out to be a perfect blend of intelligence and hard work. He uses his free time to read and further his knowledge, but also loves dancing and sports. He is a pleasure to have in class, with his active mind. He is the living proof of the School’s belief that intensive and broad based education will develop our future community leaders.

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