Reimburse the annual education expenses of a bright and financially needy engineering student, INR 25000

" Overview

The mission of Foundation for Excellence is to help exceptionally talented but poor students in India become doctors, engineers, and computer scientists. FFE awards scholarships to recent high school students who have overcome the adversity of their family’s circumstances to be among the top rankers in national/state level common entrance tests.

How It Works

• FFE Inc, USA provides the FFE India Trust the monetary resources to run the Scholarship Programme.
• Additionally, FFE India Trust also raises funds in India.
• Volunteers described as Coordinators and Facilitators play a key role in the implementation of the Scholarship Programme.
• A Coordinator’s main role includes: a. Nominating volunteers (Facilitators) in India
b. Monitoring students’ progress with the Facilitators at their locations, while on their visits to India
c. Help in implementing FFE India Trust’s programme of assistance and other activities, and
d. Contribute to policy development.
• Most of the organization’s active coordinators in the US are mostly donors.
• Facilitators and Coordinators are volunteers.
• A Facilitator’s main role includes: a. Identifying students eligible for assistance
b. Guiding students with the application submission process
c. Verifying and attesting all supporting documents submitted by the student along with the scholarship application form
d. Mentoring students and their families, and
e. Providing advice on the education sector in India.
• The organization has many active Facilitators.
• The NGO has a web database system linked with their US partner.
• Any beneficiary assigned to a donor reflects in this shared data bank to ensure no donor gets a double booking.
• Each donor is assigned a special Donor ID.
• All Give India donations are booked with this unique Donor ID.


• 25 – Number of states in India where FFE works
• 3416 – Number of students who were supported by FFE in 2014-15

Donation Option Break-up cost in INR
1 year (2 semesters) scholarship paid by cheque 25000.00
Unit Price 25000
Total 25000
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Loan free education through FFE produces a distinguished woman Engineer
Devaki G is hardworking and determined. Her father was a driver in a private company, struggling to provide a decent education to his daughter. Devaki topped her school in the Standard XII exams but her dreams of becoming an Engineer in Computer Sciencee came doubtful when an educational loan to fund her education in M.N.M.Jain Engg. College, Chennai loomed large & the strain of repaying the loan too big a burden for the family. Her teacher, also an FFE volunteer encouraged her to study & recommended her to FFE for a collger scholarship.
The volunteer submitted her application form to the Foundation & after verifying her eligibility. Devaki received scholarships from FFE for her Engineering program from 2005-2009.. The total scholarship amount given was Rs. 90,000 for 4 years of study. With this assistance, Devaki continued to excel in college and completed her Engineering program in 2009 with distinction.
Her strong software skills & additional classes she took both during and after her Engineering program helped to hone her skills and stay competitive in the global job market. Following graduation, Devaki was selected by POLARIS software Ltd in Chennai as a Software tester where she is currently employed. Devaki is thankful to FFE for its timely support, that reduced the family’s burden during the period of her engineering education.

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