Sponsor cataract surgery expenses for 5-10 patients, INR 15000


Charutar Arogya Mandal (CAM) is an NGO based out of Anand district in the state of Gujarat, India. CAM reaches out to poor people (especially in rural areas) where it is difficult for patients to come over to the hospital due to lack of transportation.

How It Works

• The NGO regularly conducts surveys and accordingly organizes eye check-up camps. • For patients who need to undergo surgery, CAM makes transportation arrangements for their hospital visits.
• With reference to cataract surgery patients at the Eye Department of CAM, the following process is followed: after complete diagnosis, the concerned patient approaches the doctor who can help him/her find a donor who could support the treatment cost.
• After interviewing the patient, the doctor refers the case to the Patient Support Group (PSG).
• PSG comprises of two units namely a) Concession and b) Fundraising.
• The Concession Unit does a background check of the patient's family, analyzes their socio-economic condition, undertakes a home visit, interviews neighbours and accordingly prepares a report recommending fundraising which is forwarded to the CAM management.
• The Fundraising Unit develops the patient's profile, prepares an appeal to be published in local media, to be posted on the internet and to be put up at different hospital corners.
• This strategy is adopted if the treatment costs run into lakhs of rupees.
• If the treatment costs are less, the patient is treated at subsidized rates jointly funded by the patient's family and CAM.
• Even for cataract surgeries there are complications and treatment can cost lakhs of rupees.
• The cataract surgery costs include lenses, medicines, goggles, etc.
• Once admitted, the doctor at CAM monitors the patient's treatment and progress.
• CAM maintains regular contact with the beneficiary’s family through home visits and phone calls.
• The Fundraising Unit keeps a track of funds raised for the respective beneficiariaries and ensures that funds are utilized properly.

• Rs. 20,000 – Cost of cataract surgery for both eyes for IPD patients
• Rs. 1 lakh – Cost of a cataract surgery with complications

Donation Option Break-up cost in INR
Surgery Cost 5000.00
Intraocular Lens 5000.00
Medicines 5000.00
Unit Price 15000
Total 15000
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Eye Camp at Waghasi village near the milk city Anand of Gujarat.
Waghasi village is situated near the Milk Capital of India, Anand. Despite its proximity to the urban area and best health care facilities, a certain group of community remains deprived of essential health care facilities due to multiple factors, economic constraint being one main reason. This section of society comprises mostly of field laborers who earn a meager income to support their family. The family income of such families goes primarily to meet the very basic requirements of food, clothing and shelter. Naturally, attention for the health care requirements was an unattainable goal.
Shree Krishna Hospital organized a Medical Camp especially for the screening of Cataract patients after a survey done by our Medical Social Worker. The need for a specialized Eye Camp was realized and proposed by the community leaders. Pursuing this proposal a team of Ophthalmologists, Para medical staff and social workers administered a camp in Waghasi on December 18, 2008 in which 77 patients were screened for various eye problems, out of which 18 cases were enrolled for cataract surgeries. The surgery of these patients was carried on in the Operation Theatre of Shree Krishna Hospital on 19th December free of cost.
The patients who were screened and then operated for Cataract Surgeries got rid of their vision problems after this camp. The non operative cases consulted in the camp by the doctors got medicines free of cost. All the beneficiaries of cataract surgeries are happy to receive unconditional modern treatment facilities at their door step.

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