Contribute to a fund to procure teaching and learning aids for labourers' children at daycare centres at construction sites, INR 1000

Mumbai Mobile Creches runs comprehensive day-care centres on construction sites of Mumbai, providing children from birth to 14 years, nutrition, education and health related services. Every year, they reach over 5,000 children living on construction sites of Mumbai. The centres house a crèche for 0-3 year olds, a pre-school (balwadi) for 3-5 year olds, and a primary programme for those above 5 years. The teachers managing these centres on construction sites conduct regular site visits and encourage mothers to send their children to attend our facility. Mothers are often told to sit in the crèche along with their infants, to bolster their confidence in their programme. All children are provided three nutritious meals daily that are cooked at the centres. Empanelled doctors visit the centres regularly to check the health of the children and prescribe medication for weak and undernourished children. A daily timetable is followed to impart education to children in the balwadis and primary classes. Most of their teaching aids are indigenous and customized for the migrant child. Every year, their teachers work hard to enroll older children in the local municipal schools streamline them. The teachers interact with the families, especially the mothers through open days, and monthly meetings and use these sessions to speak about the various pertinent issues. The teaching and learning aids include toy kitchen play equipment, building blocks, stacking rings, rattles, sand toys, pull and push toys (cars, trucks, tankers), dolls, puzzles, snakes & ladders, colouring sets, Housie, story-telling books, Math kits, language kits, drawing books, plastic rolls etc.

Donation Option Break-up cost in INR
Maths teaching aids, Language teaching aids, Stimulating toys for 0-3 year olds, Library books, Environmental science teaching aids 1000.00
Unit Price 1000
Total 1000
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Investing in our most precious resource - children
Vivaria is a large construction site in Agripada, Mumbai, and about 120 children live with their families on the site. Six year old Parveen from Bihar was one such child. Parveen’s father is a labourer, her mother a domestic worker. Since both her parents worked, she looked after her two baby brothers. The little children had not been immunized or visited by any health care service government personnel. Not a single of the 120 children on the site were in school or had any health or education support.
The MMC centre on the construction site transformed the lives of all the children. For the below 6s, we organized immunizations, doctor’s check ups and stimulation and care. Many saw toys for the first time! The centre helped all the older children who should have been in school to enroll in our non formal class and be brought up to speed so they could sit the municipal school’s entrance exam. Parveen was only one of the forty or so children placed in the bridge class. She could not read or write. The teachers also had to convince her parents allow her to go to school.
In May 2009, she passed the exam and now regularly attends the municipal school. Parveen loves painting pictures and doing art and craft, she would like to be a teacher when she grows up. She is just one among forty children from this centre alone, and across our centres, nearly 400 children were supported in this manner. Because of the MMC centres, children not only are able to go to school, but our nutrition and health programme of a nutritious breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack every day, ensures their health and weigh improves.

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