Educate an underprivileged child for 3 months, INR 2700

The Errabelli family set up the first RDF school in 1996, in order to bring literacy and education to poor rural families in their native village of Kalleda. Beginning with an enrollment of 80 students in Classes Nursery - 3 in a portion of the ancestral family home, Kalleda School grew and now is a full-fledged school with close to 600 students in Nursery - Grade 10. Over the years, other family member got involved and RDF grew from one to four schools and a junior college with over 1500 children. RDF schools embrace a holistic learning philosophy, therefore the schools go beyond rote, classroom teaching methods and work intensively in the areas of teacher training and skills development in children. Academic activities for primary school include a specialized curriculum developed by Silver Oaks School, Hyderabad which includes field visits by the Silver Oaks team, training, monitoring, assessment and feedback. High School follows the SSC curriculum, but value add programs such as Butterfly Fields, English Helper and subject matter training by volunteers making the curriculum more intensive and robust. In addition, a Sports Development Program, Photo blog Project and Social Awareness Program aim to build life skills, which combined with their academics, seek to provide them with the necessary tools to do well in higher studies, become financially independent and thereby break the bonds of poverty. All the students are beneficiaries of the school Midday Meal Program. RDF believes that a healthy body begets a healthy mind. This holistic approach to education includes a free nutritious Midday Meal Program. Children very often do not get to eat a wholesome meal; therefore a healthy lunch ensures that students get the necessary nutrition to keep them going for the day. The meals are cooked on the premises each working day for all students and staff who do not need to carry lunch. Lunch runs for approximately 50 mins 6 days a week/220 working days a year. The meals consist of rice, dal or sambhar and a vegetable curry. All raw materials are sourced locally, with each school having cooking facilities on its premises, where local cooks, part of the non-teaching staff at the schools, cook the meals on firewood stoves.

Donation Option Break-up cost in INR
Salaries 1839.00
Academic activities 360.00
Extra curricular activities 12.00
Admin Expenses 489.00
Unit Price 2700
Total 2700
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Nagavelli Srilekha's heroics
In 1996, there were very few schools that were known for providing quality education in the villages that RDF operates in. Existing schools either didnot have well qualified or well trained teachers, school facilities were inadequate and some of the better schools were too far. Most members of the community were illiterate and dreaming of a better future for their children. Nagavelli Srilekha belonged to a poor family that subsisted on daily wage work. She too had to support the family through agricultural work. However, her parents decided that she had to go to school in order to learn, be educated and have requisite qualification to have a better career.
RDF was set up with the vision of education being a means to rural development and educating, engaging and empowering rural children through holistic education. Textbooks, notebooks & uniforms are given free. Srilekha always struggled to pay for her education expenses as her family lived in one of the poorer villages in the mandal and relied on daily wage work. RDF put her on the Fee Exempt list in the school and paid for her education expenses, simultaneously seeking donors to support her education. When her father passed away, RDF sought donors to fill the funding gap requirement for Srilekha. RDF was able to get long term sponsorship for her, which greatly eased the financial worries of her mother and allowed RDF to subsidize her education expenses.
Since 1996, over 3000 families have been impacted by our work and over 90% of our alumni have continued to higher education or are working in private and government jobs. Teachers have remained in RDF, with typical service periods ranging from 5 – 15 years. RDF schools have an excellent reputation in the local village and surrounds, with many families seeking to enroll their children in RDF schools. This ecosystem is demonstrated through parents and villagers also supporting donations in cash and kind to the schools when they can; and participating in school discussions on key decisions. Now Srilekha will graduate Class 10, is confident about her future and cherishes the dream of becoming a teacher

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