Ensure a girl child reaches school and provide nutritious snacks for a month, INR 500

In our country boys traditionally get preference in the family for higher education. Girls end up having to attend to household work in addition to their studies which leaves them little time to study. As a result, they find it difficult to cope with the pace at School. Girls who want to go for higher education cannot join programs from home. Therefore, it is a big challenge for girls from poor families, to access quality education and become self-dependent. Kaduki village is located in Alwar district, adjacent to Vijay Mandir. It has population of 993 and comprises 162 households. The main occupation of the villagers is farming, cattle rearing and causal labor. There is just one government coed Upper Primary School in village. For girls of poor families effectively higher education is not within their reach. The goal is to provide opportunity to girls from disadvantaged families to get quality education and conducive environment for overall development.

The students are from underprivileged families from Villages Kaduki, Thekra & nearby villages adjacent to Vijay Mandir. The girls are anywhere between 5-10 years. The beneficiaries are identified through a clearly-stated selection process at the beginning of the academic year. The economic condition of the family is the main parameter for selection. We also conduct economic & land survey of parents. The annual income of parents should not be more than 1.20 lakh.

At present 33 girls are studying under the project Support the Girl Child Program called Pankhuri. The girls are admitted to reputed schools of the city named National Academy and V.L Memorial. SAPNA takes care of all their needs, viz, School fees, uniforms, books & Stationary, Transport etc. This has built confidence and self-respect among them and they all enjoy going to school and indulging in all other developmental activities.

Our program Coordinator monitors the academic progress of the girls in the schools. He keeps in touch with the teachers and gets both the formal and informal report of each girl. The girls covered in this program report to Vijay Mandir and after their dress, turnout and hygiene are checked they are sent to school in bus owned by SAPNA. After school the girls come to Vijay Mandir where they - • Complete their homework with teacher assistance
• Attend library session to improve their reading skills
• Attend computer classes to learn IT skills
• Are provided nutrition before they leave for home.

Donation Option Break-up cost in INR
Transport 300.00
Snacks and Nutrition 200.00
Unit Price 500
Total 500
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Changing Lives- Story of Baani
Sneha is 13 years old and studying in class 7th in National Academy school. Her father is a security guard at Vijay Mandir, Alwar & mother is a housewife. She has 2 siblings-a brother & one sister. Her father was finding it difficult to educate all the children due to limited income. Before joining Pankhuri Program, Sneha and her sister was studying at the Kaduki Government school. Her father wanted to give quality education to daughters but due to financial constraint he was not able to enroll them in a good school. Her father was not happy with this but had no choice.
He came to know about Pankhuri Program. Sneha joined our Pankhuri- Support the Girl Child Program in class UKG in 2010. Now she is studying in Class 7th. She is very intelligent girl and has high aspirations. She wants to become an engineer. She has been getting1st position in her class continuously for last 5 years.
In her own words- I love my school very much, I have many friends here and other than education I have learnt so many things like making cards, diyas and rakhis. I love to have the snacks and milk provided every day at Vijay Mandir. Last year, I participated in sports day and stood first in the race and other games also. I love to study science. My aim is to become an engineer so that I can serve the society. I will always be there to help the poor.

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