Provide complete care of an abandoned child at our home PALNA for a month, INR 3700


“Palna,” meaning “cradle,” is Delhi Council for Child Welfare – DCCW’s Home for abandoned, homeless and destitute children. Palna is possibly DCCW’s most well-known programme. Established in 1978, and located in Qudsia Bagh, Old Delhi, it is a haven of peace, security and stability for the children who come here.

How It Works

• A palna is placed outside the gates of the compound to allow parents to give up their child without having to identify themselves. This is how most of the children are received at Palna.
• Children also come to Palna through the police and through hospitals and clinics. When it is established that the child is abandoned or has not been claimed by its family, all efforts are made to place him/her into adoption.
• Palna is licensed for in-country and inter-country adoptions. Till date, they have placed several children in loving families - selected after rigorous screening and evaluation procedures.
• All children without any disability are eventually placed in families. There are a few with minor disabilities who are placed in good families too.
• Infants very often arrive in a precarious state of health. Examples include low birth weight babies, hypothermic babies, babies with trauma and congenital defects. Survival is the most immediate challenge for these newborns.
• Mortality in Palna today is negligible.
• Once the child is stable, he or she moves out of the Medical Crisis Unit into the nursery/dormitories. Every effort is made at Palna to move the children away from an institutional environment and bring them to a homely one, to create an atmosphere of care and comfort, and to bring a smile onto the face of each child.
• The emphasis in Palna is on total care. Palna's multi-specialty medical programme, non-formal educational sessions and recreational facilities and activities address all aspects of the children’s development, good health and overall wellbeing.
• Palna has a physiotherapist, a special educator, a nursery teacher and a speech therapist to supervise the growth and development of the children. In addition, a child guidance counsellor regularly assesses the children and monitors their progress.
• Training programmes are conducted at regular intervals for Palna’s attendants on subjects such as hygiene, handling of infants, and appropriate stimulation for children.
• There are separate dormitories for older girls, older boys, toddlers and infants. In addition, there is a separate wing with two dormitories for mentally-challenged children.
• Adoption is not an option for mentally-challenged children and hence they will remain institutionalized.
• The Pre-school Learning Programme along with Counseling and Stimulation Programmes help in preventing delayed milestones due to institutionalization.
• Palna has a large playground equipped with swings, slides, cycles and other age-appropriate toys, and play equipment which ensure that the children have plenty of recreation and exercise.
• Outings, picnics and parties for the children provide them exciting breaks from their daily routine.
• Since Palna is totally funded on donations, DCCW s resources have been impacted both by the recent recessions, price increases in food products, clothes etc. Hence, this donation will help make up for the shortfall.


• Less than 1 kg. – Weight of newborn babies that are brought into Palna
• Newborn to 8-year old – Age range of children in Palna. Majority of them are infants
• 90-100 – Number of children that members of Palna look after on a daily basis
• 2,800 – Number of children that have been placed into loving families by Palna

Donation Option Break-up cost in INR
Salaries of Care-givers (24 hours), counselors, teachers 1900.00
Food & Nutrition 1800.00
Unit Price 3700
Total 3700
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Story of Mallika
Little Mallika (name changed) arrived at Palna in 2007 when she was 3 years old. When she came in she was found to be very shy and would not participate in school activities. She seemed to be in a world of her own. Her comprehension skills were poor.
The special educator and the Palna doctor recommended a psychological assessment to be done. She was found to be very shy, which inhibited her level of initiation of interaction with others, however once the rapport was developed she was assessed to be friendly and playful. Given the right amount of stimuli Mallika displayed the potential to outperform her current level of functioning. Since she had ear discharge, a BERA test was conducted which revealed that Mallika suffers from moderate hearing loss in her right ear and mild to moderate hearing in her left ear. Once this was identified Mallika’s behavioural problems were attributed to her being hearing impaired.
Now Mallika is receiving special attention - she is being given attention on a one-on-one basis and is showing marked improvement both academically and socially. And finally the icing on the cake. Recently, with much effort, a suitable adoptive home has been found for Mallika and the prospect of being with her own family has filled Mallika with joy!

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