Rehabilitate a special needs child at Bal Chetna for a month, INR 2800

BalChetna Outreach, our day-care and rehabilitation facility for mentally challenged children from poor families, was established in 2002. The impetus to start a programme for mentally challenged children was three-fold: • Increasing numbers of mentally challenged children being abandoned at Palna • Surveys done by our staff in the neighbourhoods in which they work indicated that there was a high proportion of children with mental disabilities who were not getting proper attention and care. • An increasing number of children with cerebral palsy and children with multiple disabilities had started coming to DCCW’s Orthopaedic Centre for help and advice. Today, Bal Chetna Outreach comprises 4 centres located at: • DCCW’s Orthopaedic Centre, Janakpuri, South West Delhi • New Seemapuri, East Delhi • Nithari, North West Delhi • Sultanpuri North West Delhi We are seeking funding for our New Seemapuri and Sultanpuri centres. Each centre has around 30 children. By providing individualised and specialised care, Bal Chetna facilitates the stimulation and development of special needs children, with the objective of making each child as self-reliant, competent and communicative as is possible. Services available at Bal Chetna centres include Physiotherapy / Occupational Therapy, Music Therapy, Special Education, Speech Therapy, Psychological Evaluation, Vocational Training, Midday meal and Supplementary Nutrition, Counselling for parents. Parents are required to attend the day care programme once a week to help with the sessions and more importantly, to learn the routine so that they can follow it at home. The multi-specialty team at Bal Chetna are constantly improvising teaching aids and techniques to provide a variety of stimuli to the children. Bal Chetna children now participate in sports meets and can put together a simple dry lunch. They act in plays, dance and sing in celebration of all the major festivals. It is a matter of pride for us at DCCW that several children from Bal Chetna have been integrated into mainstream schools and institutes for advanced courses in vocational training.In the year ending March 2015, 20 children were integrated into schools.

Donation Option Break-up cost in INR
Therapist 1500.00
Teachers and Support staff cost 800.00
Food and medicine 250.00
Admin cost 250.00
Unit Price 2800
Total 2800
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Little Tajamul – a transformed child
Tajamul Shah was a 2-year old boy when he joined our New Seemapuri Bal Chetna Outreach Centre in 2011. His parents were both rag-pickers with a monthly income of Rs 3000/- with which they supported their family of four. The family lived in a rented hutment in New Seemapuri , without basic facilities.When Tajamul joined our centre, he was unable to stand and walk, had weakness in both upper and lower limbs and right hand function was affected, and was unable to communicate verbally.
After a full initial assessment, Tajamul has been going through a regimen of physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and special education over the last three and a half years at our centre, under the guidance and supervision of our specialist staff. He has also been getting a hot nutritious meal, as well as supplements suggested by our doctors to improve his low immunity. He was also treated for rickets and anaemia.
Today Tajamul is able to stand, walk and run independently. He is now able to use basic verbal communication, He is able to control his hand movements to the extent that he can connect dot patterns and is learning to colour pictures. He is able to focus and participate in group activities for 5-10 minutes at a stretch. He is continuing to show improvement. He has made tremendous progress which has had a big impact on his as well as his parents’ quality of life. He is a transformed child.

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