Encourage an underprivileged child to stay in school by supporting supplementary coaching, INR 3000

To make universalization of elementary education in slums, a reality with specific focus on working women (Domestic Workers) and girl children., changing the level of awareness amongst all concerned stakeholders, changing the attitude of all concerned stakeholders towards income generation, child labor, child rights, child protection and other relevant socio-legal issues like the release of children from their hazardous workplaces and restricting new children from getting into the hazardous occupations in the most hazardous conditions. To train community based health activists by conducting peer and mother`s groups training to strengthen community resources. The Children are from the slums of Kalighat Chetla, Lock gate and Tangra in Kolkata. Some of them are street children. The fathers are mainly daily laborers and mothers are maids. Fathers are mostly addicted to alcohol and very few of them bear the family expenses. The average number of children is three per family. The Average family income is Rs.3000.00 The children are the direct beneficiaries. 1. Mainstreaming the never enrolled and dropped out children in the age group of 8-14 years through bridging techniques and following the principles of accelerated learning. 2. Providing remedial education to the mainstreamed children. 3. Developing a group of capacitated adolescent peer educators, couples and their mothers and enhancing the prospect of a sustainable development in adolescent sexual, reproductive & mental health encompassing life skills in the process. 4. Facilitating the process of disseminating information amongst urban poor of the targeted area and facilitating the process of establishing 'Right on Information' and thereby improving the standard of life. 5. Creating skilled Tailors through Swabalamban Project. 6. Conducting club meeting, parents meeting & mothers meeting for the formation of SHG groups to make them self reliant by taking Stitching Orders from various resources.

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Part salary of Teachers 3000.00
Unit Price 3000
Total 3000
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Transforming a Life
Megha Khatoon has two younger Sisters and one younger Brother. They are living with their parents at Santoshpur House. Her Father is a worker of a false ceiling factory and her Mother is a house wife. Megha lives with her grandmother (Hamida Beawda) and her aunt (Ruma Khatoon) since childhood. Her grandmother and her aunt earn a small amount of money from beauty parlour job like beautician, Mehandi etc. Megha Khatoon completes her primary education from Shishu Shikhalaya. Megha was identified through a Community Survey on 2010. She was staying at her Grandmother’s house without her parents. Her Grandmother was unable to give educational support to her due to financial issues. At one stage she was completely at the threshold of leaving the school due to financial issues.
She completed her Secondary Education on 2016 by securing good marks. Presently she is working with us as a peer educator on Adolescents Reproductive and Sexual Health. She is presently reading in class XII (Arts), in Tollygunge Girls High School. Her study is going well. As per her teacher, she is a regular student and completes her homework on a regular basis. She is very attentive in her studies. She likes Geography & Economics. She wants to be a teacher in future. She likes good food and also likes to travel.
The Teacher of CEEP Bandhudal Centre, Ms. Alpana Majumder contacted her grandmother and assures of providing coaching support. We enrolled her in CEEP Centre and started giving her Remedial Support and also her enrollment done in Deshapran Birendranath Institution for Girls in class (V). She is a good student. Her Aunt looks after her education and gives support at home for initial stages.

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