Contribute to a fund towards care and therapy for about 15 children with disability, INR 5000

Keeping in View of the Inclusive Development for the Children with Disability, Gram Chetna Kendra is running a Day Care Centre at Kherwa Campus. It’’s a midpoint of the surrounding Gram Panchyats. The income of these families is too low that it is too hard to manage their bread and butter. Hence, almost all adult members of the family need to go out for work. In all cases they just leave their children at home, without proper care. The children need a safe, clean environment where they can leave their disabled children for whole day. Gram Chetna provides education, games facilities, nutrition and also gives physiotherapy facilities along with speech therapy. They have started working with special children with disability identifying beneficiaries in sambhar block as per survey, community meetings, PRIs Meetings, SHG meetings, Youth club meetings & VDCs meetings.

The Basics

• To create opportunities for care givers of children with disability go out to work and need a safe place to leave their Children.
• To provide an Environment where children’’s potential and skills are nurtured and continued
• Education is seen as an appropriate goal for all and to provide the opportunity for optimal growth in all areas of child development
• Protection of child rights is an important component of the program
• To provide high quality basic needs for children with disability
• To provide center based physical training instruments for physical development

How it works

• The Day Care Centre will provide day time care facility; so as parents will get additional time to engage them in earning activities.
• Physically challenged children get access to regular exercise instruments and physiotherapy accessories, so that physical functionality will be improved enormously.
• Supplementary nutrition - khichdi, (Mix of Rice & dal), daliya, Channa, Makhana etc. are provided by the center, so that, nutritional deficiency would be reduced and vulnerability of nutritional deficiency diseases could be managed.
• Teaching & learning activity will be impacted by the center; so that children will learn basic education
• Children will become independent and do their work themselves

The Statistics

• There are 15 children in the centre.
• 4 days a week from 10 AM to 2 PM.
• There are four staff working in their center 1. Care taker 2. Two specialists.
• One staff is in field, visiting and giving counseling classes regularly and other staff take classes like music and subject classes. Children specific sessions are also taught because there are different types of disabled children are coming to the centre– Mentally challenged, Autism, Down syndrome, Cerebral palsy and Hearing impaired.

Donation Option Break-up cost in INR
Fund towards salary of CBR worker, care taker and physiotherapist 5000.00
Unit Price 5000
Total 5000
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Change the life
Family of Sunil Yadav lives in the village named Khijuriya .PO: Karansar Sunil lives with his mother, father and 1 brother. Sunil is the eldest child of the family. Sunil''s father is a small farmer. His family is poor. His mother is a house wife. Parents were worried about the disability of Sunil. They cursed themselves as they think that this was due to their ill fate of their past life. They ignored Sunil on the road. He is untidy and roams around the village whole day. Everyone in the family and community neglect him. The children of the locality always try to hurt him.
Once when social workers of Gram Chetna Kendra visited the village of Sunil for a SHG meeting they found him roaming here and there in the village and how people were unkind to him. One social worker shared his experience of meeting Sunil in monthly staff meeting of Gram Chetna Chetna Kendra. Organisation then decided to link Sunil with Liliane Fonds organization. The family members of Sunil were not cooperative. Sunil was living in very bad condition with no care and affection from family members.
Gram Chetna pursued and convinced the parents to bring Sunil to our daycare for therapy. Self confidence and self esteem of Sunil increased. He is studying in first standard and tries to play with peer group. He is now talking to his friends and understands the concept of hygiene and attends day care regularly. He is even helping his mother in house hold activities. 7. Also support his father in taking care of his field and cattle

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