Educate a primary school child for a month, INR 1800

The Globe Mill Passage School is the pilot project and one of the six Mumbai Public Schools that is being supported by the Muktangan initiative. Through the primary section of the school, Muktangan caters to the educational needs of 311 children from underserved communities who study from hailing from G South Mumbai. These students, studying in class 1 to 4 are taught through a developmentally appropriate, activity based curriculum, catering to each child’s individual learning needs. Students play an active part in their own education thus building an interest for learning. Muktangan also exposes students to extra-curricular subjects such as art, dance, drama, music. Thus giving them an outlet to express themselves creatively and participate in activities, that allow them to showcase their individual talents. The beneficiaries currently accessing Muktangan schools come from marginalized urban communities in Mumbai G South Ward, with many of them being first generation learners with virtually no exposure to English. These families are from migrant communities of interior Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Andhra, Uttar Pradesh etc and belong to different religious denominations. Our parent body comprises of tailors, taxi drivers, sweepers, peons, vegetable vendors, domestic helpers from neighboring localities. The majority of Muktangan teachers are from the same communities. At the school Muktangan admits students on a first come first serve basis with the major screening criteria being a monthly family income of or below 1.20 lac per annum. The Muktangan Teacher Education Programme screens trainees on the basis of their family income that is 2 lakhs per annum and completion of their Higher Secondary Certificate. Family support is also considered in order to ensure commitment to the yearlong preservice programme. Muktangan is a whole school programme that focuses on Teacher & School Education. It follows an academic term beginning in June and ending in April of the following year. Muktangan offers a 3-year teacher education programme to prospective educators recruited form the underserved communities in Worli Mumbai. These prospective teachers go through a 1 year preservice programme where they are taught and mentored by experienced faculty on child development & learning through an activity based constructive pedagogy and child observation. After which the teachers spend a further two years at Muktangan attaining a practical teaching experience and attaining a subject specialization. During one school term the students are imparted the SSC prescribed syllabus through an activity based, constructivist curriculum by trained community teachers. The students are actively involved with their own education as most of the learning is project based and focuses on concept formation. Students attend 45 min timetabled sessions for 5 ½ days a week through the entire year through which in addition to academic subjects e.g. math, social sciences and language students are also exposed to creative avenues such as art, dance, drama and music providing them with a holistic learning experience. Muktangan also provides support for our students with special needs through our Learning Resource Department comprising community teachers professionally trained to cater to students with special needs.

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Total 1800
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Learning with a difference
Education of children in schools and teachers in colleges is driven by an exam oriented route learning cycle resulting in them gathering information without building a conceptual understanding of the subject matter.
Muktangan provides an inclusive, community driven, active - constructive model of school and teacher education that integrates the two by training members from underserved communities to be teachers to children from the same communities making education relevant and contextual. Muktangan''s low students to teacher ratio i.e. 15:1 allows teachers to observe individual student learning and build a curriculum that caters to the developing needs of each child. Muktangan''s interactive curriculum allows students to take active part in their learning experience and thus build an interest to learning and education.
Students at Muktangan have a more conceptual understanding of the subject matter being taught at school. A total of 154 students have passed out of Muktangan''s pilot school over the last 3 years with 86% of these students receiving a first class and above. 18 of these students being certified with various learning disabilities and passed the exam with an average score of 77%. The six additional schools run under the Muktangan initiative have added a new std. 9 class in the academic year 2016-17 bringing the total number of students studying at Muktngan''s 7 schools to approx. 3393. Students at Muktangan are also given opportunities to develop holistically through participation in co-curricular activities such as Art, Dance, Music, IT and Sports and regularly participate in internal and external events.

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