Sponsor two months nutrition support for a poor T.B. Patient, INR 1600

Tuberculosis is of considerable magnitude in most of the underdeveloped regions of the world especially in India. The World Health Organization estimates that every year over 2 million new cases occur in India, which has 24 percent of the total cases of tuberculosis the world over. It affects more to the poor people (i.e. people belongs to the marginalized and vulnerable sections of the community). The urban slums of the Indore district are the areas which are highly prone to the Tuberculosis. Pahal Jan Sahyog Vikas Sansthan is already involved in the awareness generation, case detection and treatment adherence of DOTs for the T.B patients. In economically poor area of the communities it has been observed that when families do not know when their next meal will come from, they will not seek care when they are sick because they neither want to lose their daily income nor spend the little money they have at the health centre or hospital. It increases the severity of disease and also cause into the death of the patients.

It is highly relevant in the Indian situation that nutritional support is recommended as a part of treatment of tuberculosis as this could confer socioeconomic and survival benefits. Through nutritional support to poor T.B patients it not only helps to poor patients in fulfilling the daily nutritional needs but also support them economically in their crisis situation. At present the prevalence of T.B is 171 cases in per lakh population. Various studies prove that it is higher among the economically deprived, marginalized, urban slums and vulnerable areas.

Pahal is providing nutritional support to T.B patients from its project implementation area. It is a onetime support, through Give India Pahal is seeking nutritional support for the poor T.B patients (2 Months support for each patient). Atleast 6 months support is needed. The beneficiary arranges transport on his own to collect the benefit.

The Basics

a) The beneficiaries are generally identified either at the Khajrana Medical Centre or by the field workers generally during their field visits. b) Whenever any beneficiary reports continuous cough for 2 weeks or more, they are referred to the DMC (Designated Microscopic Centre) of the Govt. How It Works

a) Once a beneficiary tests positive for TB, he/She is referred to tHe Dots Centre. b) The medicines for Dots are a kit provided by the Central Govt. c) The DOTS Centre then refers a nearby DOTS Direct Observation Treatment Shortcourse provider to the patient. d) BPL cards are not taken since many well off people are known to have BPL cards.

Donation Option Break-up cost in INR
Flour (Ata) 300.00
Mung Bean (Moong), Pigeon Pea (Tuar) 560.00
Salt 20.00
Refined cooking Oil 85.00
Oatmeal (Thuli) 100.00
Chili powder, Turmeric Powder 150.00
Beaten Rice (Poha), Rice 150.00
Chick peas brown (Chana), Ground Nuts 235.00
Unit Price 1600
Total 1600
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Improved heath for Najma
Najma is a 30 Years old single woman residing at Sadar Baag, Jalla Colony in Khajrana Slum. Her family consists of 4 members including her, her mother and 2 sons. She is a domestic worker and only income generating member of the family. She hardly manages her expenditure as she has 2 children and old mother which often remains sick.
She reported cough for more than two weeks. The medical officer referred her at Designated Microscopic Centre for the testing of Tuberculosis. After examination T.B was diagnosed and she was put on DOTS - Directly Observed Treatment Short course. During follow up of field workers he came to know that the patient was going weaker and weaker although she is taking DOTS regularly. Further observation make a conclusion that due to poverty and burden of work she is not getting proper diet. Due to improper diet she was unable to recover from the disease and going weaker day by day.
PAHAL started a Ration Distribution Program for poor T.B patients. Najma got ration support for 2 months from this program. Due to this ration she is able to take proper diet during her medication period. As a result of this she has become healthy and also diagnosed as sputum negative during her second follow up of T.B testing. Now she is healthy and actively participating in house hold and social activities.

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