Part sponsor salary for one doctor at our 52 bed hospice, INR 3350

Around 70% of our patients are from lower socio economic backgrounds. Our 52 bed Inpatient facility at marathahalli, Bangalore, provides free professional palliative care for advanced stage cancer patients irrespective of caste/creed/religion/age/socio economic backgrounds. This care includes free food and bed, medical care and counseling support. Till date (as of march 2015) we have been able to provide this care for over 12500 patients and their families at our In patient facility. This is our 16th year of In Patient care to advanced stage cancer patients. The various cost element is the doctor’s salary. With increase in the requirement for such services, our patient admission numbers have increased. To cater to this growth we have had to increase the number of doctors on our rolls. As these doctors are professionals and to keep in line with the rising costs, our salary expenses have proportionately increased. One of the biggest aspects of Palliative care is the control of pain and the control of distressing symptoms. Each patient who is entrusted to our care therefore needs a special care option to be designed for them. Our doctors go on rounds everyday to monitor the patients condition and design the best action plan for their medical treatment. Our doctors at the hospice therefore provide this care completely free of charge ensuring that the patient is in peace, pain-free, in comfort and with the best quality of life possible.

Donation Option Break-up cost in INR
Doctors’ salaries for a day at the hospice care 3350.00
Unit Price 3350
Total 3350
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Dying with Dignity!
Ram, 62 years, known case of skin cancer, entered our hospice in severe pain and with a swollen feet. Due to improper wound management his blisters were oozing with pus and were severely infected. Due to this Ram was unable to walk and was bedridden. The combination of these factors lead to Ram being severely depressed and disgusted with himself. He was in need of immediate medical help.
When we took him into our hospice, we were able to provide him with proper wound management – the dressings were done regularly which curbed infection, pain medication was administered. Our doctors ensured that treatment was tailor made as per his requirement which helped him to get relief from pain and other distressing symptoms. With the physiotherapist teams support he also began to walk slowly with assistance.
Once in our care, he was able to move around and interact with others, all by himself. This improved his morale and self esteem. His pain was also controlled which lead him to be in peace and in comfort.

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