Provide a water tank for about 5 families living in a drought prone village of Rajasthan, INR 20000

People in the Gram Chetna Kendra area of Rajasthan are experiencing acute problem of inadequate and/or unclean drinking water over the years. Since the area is highly drought prone, there is very little rainfall during the monsoons. The groundwater table levels in this region run very deep and with scanty rainfall bore wells used for drinking water are at a depth of 250ft. The fluoride content in water in this area is very high thus making the water undrinkable. Any economically poor family is unable to afford the expense of installing a bore well. Thus they depend on storage of rain- water, purchase water or travel 2 to 3 kms for a bucket of water every day. Gram Chetna Kendra has an initiative that provides water tanks to these poor families so that they can store clean drinking water.

How It Works

• The water tanks that they install can be used for storage of drinking water or for storage of rain- water.
• Traditional knowledge and methods are used in constructing the water tanks that enables them to store safe and Fluoride free drinking water.
• This could be useful for poor families to store more volume of water which is supplied free of cost by Government.
• A number of village level groups have been formed in the entire field area of GCK, in the form of SHG, Village Development Committees, Youth Clubs, Children’s clubs etc.
• Beneficiaries are selected based on the recommendation of self help groups and other community level organizations.
• After getting the final list of potential beneficiaries, the core team of the organization (GCK) verifies the ground reality by visiting the potential beneficiaries’ homes.
• The core team then selects beneficiaries based on economic conditions of the families.
• The families must agree to share the water tanks with their neighbours and contribute labour during its construction.

The Basics

• The construction takes approximately 15 days.
• The beneficiaries procure all the material required for construction and hire the labour for construction and plumbing.
• They then produce the bills, which is then reimbursed by the NGO.
• The beneficiaries manage labour for covering the tank (roof of the tank).
• The NGO creates awareness that after the construction of the water tank, beneficiaries will be able to store roof water during rainy season and drinking water from tankers at minimum rates and also store large volume of water supplied by Government during the summer or when there is a need.

The Statistics

• The construction benefits 5-6 families in the neighbourhood.
• The land usually belongs to one family, but they will be required to share the water with their neighbours.
• The construction is made so that neighbouring families are free to use the water when the need arises.
• These families will collectively contribute to the refilling and maintenance of the water tank. Hence this construction serves close to 45 members in one neighbourhood.
• The tank is a standard size with a depth of 10 feet and a diameter of 4.75 feet.
• The NGO proposes to help about 250 families in the year 2015-16 through donations from GiveIndia

Donation Option Break-up cost in INR
Fittings (chambers, pipes) 820.00
7 mandays charges for mason 3500.00
Labour for 10 man days and one trolley stones are contributed by beneficiary 0.00
Supervision & reporting 850.00
22 bags of cement 7070.00
42 feet stone slab 2310.00
Transportation for Materials 450.00
One trolley each of Greets and Sand 5000.00
Unit Price 20000
Total 20000
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Tanka - A Boon
Gangadevi resident of Banshipura village in Sambhar block of Jaipur district is living in a joint family having 20 members in all. In this area the rainfall is very scant, wells and handpumps become dry in summers. Gangadevi used to go with her children to fetch water from a place about 2 -3 km away from her house.
Gram Chetna recognized the hardships faced by these poor people and the harassment at the hands of the well owners. We educated them on the benefits of having a tank whereby they could collect rain water. In the dry season they could buy water from tankers at a nominal charge. Gangadevi being a SHG member came forward for construction of tanka at her house, we built a tank for Gangadevi.
After the construction of the tank, the women from the family of Gangadevi and the other neighbours were very happy. Now these women spare time to lookafter their children and involved in productive activities to earn more for them & their family to meet out day to day needs.

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