Contribute to a fund towards sponsorship and fellowship program for adolescent and college going youth, INR 5000

Apnalaya runs an educational sponsorship programme since 1988 with 300 school going adolescents and college going youth. Sponsorships are provided completely on the basis of income levels of families and each child’s fees are deposited directly in the schools. Apart from this, uniforms, bags, shoes and note books are distributed once in June every year. All the children and youth go through pre examination counselling besides one on one career guidance along with parents. Simultaneously, children and parents are also involved in advocating implementation of the Right to education (RTE) Act.

The Basics

Designed as a graduation programme, the first three modules will be run with adolescents and young adults in the age group of 14-18 years. They are a) Life skills: Self to Society b) Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights c) Introduction to Leadership and Civic Engagement The students ultimately graduate to be inducted into the last phase that would cater to the 18-25 years age group. In the year 2015-16, 46 students have completed Class X and around 50 students are enrolled in class XII. The training modules will begin by August 2015 Every year 300+ adolescents and youth would be supported through this programme financially and the capacity building inputs will equip them to become young leaders and role models in a community where aspirations are continuously stunted by the cycle of deprivation.

How it works

The future objective is to redesign this programme and create an educational fellowship programme that would bring in an orientation of holistic perspective building culmination in youth engagement in active citizenship. This programme will include: - Modules on Self Exploration, identity and diversity - Sexual and Reproductive Health - Interconnectedness between Self and Society - Citizenship and Civic Action The programme will pan out in a way where children will be selected for an educational sponsorship. The same children will then go through a fellowship module including the above mentioned topics aimed at development of healthy, responsible individuals. The programme will culminate in young people taking up community action projects on socio-civic issues that concern them. While the money collected towards sponsorship will go into payment of school/college fees, distribution of bags, shoes, etc., human resources at Apnalaya will be trained to deliver sessions mentioned in the fellowship module. Children and youth will go through weekly sessions, workshops and camps to develop their cognitive and socio-emotional faculties as they learn from diversity and experience. Profile of each student receiving fellowship from Apnalaya is maintained in a separate folder that can be made available at any point in time. Apart from this: - Cheque payments are made towards school/college fees - Regular Home Visits are made to supervise progress of students and to discuss any challenges - One on one guidance sessions are conducted with students as well as parents - Results are collected from each student for records and copies of hall tickets collected to ensure that students are taking board exams For the fellowship programme: - Session reports with list of participants will be maintained for each session, workshop or camp - Community action projects will be closely supervised and corresponding reports generated

Donation Option Break-up cost in INR
Sponsorship Fund for Educational material or student Fee, Staff salary and support costs 5000.00
Unit Price 5000
Total 5000
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Salma regains the opportunity to study
Salma’’s home got burnt down ten years ago, when she was very young. Her father’’s life changed at this point, where he became financially insecure and to begin the precarious life of rag-picking. Most rag pickers live in fear of being stopped by watchmen and taken to the police station, losing their entire day’’s work. During this time, Salma reached the legal age to attend formal schooling. As the only breadwinner of a household of 5, Salma’’s father was already burdened with family needs and the education expenses of her two older siblings. Her opportunity of going to school was in jeopardy.
Through Apnalaya’’s citizenship program, Salma’’s father has been granted an ID card that makes his work legal. It is through this initial contact with Apnalaya that he learned about the educational sponsorship program. The program has since changed Salma’’s life. Throughout the past 12 years, Apnalaya has been able to fund 50% of Salma’’s educational fees, along with textbooks, notebooks, school uniform, and yearly picnics.
Following protocol, Apnalaya approached Salma two years ago to see if she would continue onto class 11; she and her family eagerly accepted the support. Through her partnership with Apnalaya and her determination, Salma strives to perform well at school. Despite the taxing duty of household chores, Salma persists to study 3-4 hours every day. Salma is pursuing her Grade XII currently. She will continue to receive support from Apnalaya for the next year, following which she and her sister plan on going to graduate school. She wants to become a teacher.

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