Educate a child attending the coaching classes of Sabuj Sangha in suburban Kolkata for a year, INR 1700

Sabuj Sangha runs coaching centres as part of the Rehabilitation of Deprived Children through Education Programme. The project aims to improve and enhance the life of marginalized and vulnerable people in the operational area, to uplift deprived children by ensuring a quality life through education, empowerment, information and convergence of services provided by local government. These interventions allow first generation learners and children who have dropped out of school to access and receive quality education. Through this project, deprived children of the operational-area not only understand the importance of education, but also enjoy the learning experience.

The Basics

• The coaching centres ensure that students have the necessary support while in the mainstream system and help to build their confidence both in education and generally. • The children come from very poor and marginalized families in the previously mentioned areas and without such support it is likely that they may drop out of mainstream education.
• The centres are called Sabuj Kunris.
• The teachers also receive inputs to facilitate joyful learning to the students.
• The children are allowed to express themselves through social and cultural platforms.
• The parents are also part of the local community groups and help minotor the progress of the children. The Statistics

• There are 36 Coaching Centers in the suburban areas along the railway tracks of South 24 Parganas District of West Bengal.
• In 2015-16, 1400 students in the 6 - 16 years age groups are getting the benefit.

Donation Option Break-up cost in INR
Salary of coaching centre staff 1700.00
Unit Price 1700
Total 1700
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Selima wants to become a teacher
Selima resides in the Raynagar area of Dakshin Barasat along with her parents and two sisters. The financial condition of her family is poor, as her father is a vegetable seller and had to go to Sealdah for collecting vegetables daily to run their family; He struggled to provide the necessary food and clothes required for the family. Her mother is a home maker. Their monthly income is very low (Rs. 3,500/- per month). Despite the fact that Selima was 8 years old, she was not admitted to any local school due to the poor financial condition at home. They were nowhere in a position to support the education of their three daughters.
Selima was first identified during a survey in the Dakshin Barasat area. Her clothes were dirty and she was wandering in the community. Then after interacting with her parents and making them understand the importance of education, she was enrolled in Dakshin Barasat Sabuj Kunri BCC centre in 2008. After receiving bridge course education for 1 year in 2009, she was admitted to a local formal School named Sarishadaha F.P. School in Class II. In 2012, she had been mainstreamed to Dakshin Barasat Sarodamoni Balika Vidyalaya in Class V. Presently she is studying in Class VIII in the same school and is also receiving back up education support from the Dakshin Barasat Sabuj Kunri coaching centre. She is also taught some extracurricular activities like embroidery work etc. Her writing and reading skills have also improved.
Selima is attending the school and coaching centre regularly. She has become a very good student and is performing well in her studies. She has secured 60% in the annual exams of Class – VII. She has become active in the class and is always taking suggestions from her teachers for her betterment. Presently she is an active Child Core Group member of the Dakshin Barasat Sabuj Kunri coaching centre (CCG is a group formed by a no. of 8-10 students studying in the classes from V to VIII at the Sabuj Kunri centres. These children are generally very active, outspoken, intelligent and participatory. These children attend the CCG meetings where they are made aware about the child sensitive issues; Social Evils, Child Rights, Child Protection etc. and they are the students conveying it to the rest of the children and also the community people sometimes. She is so focused in her studies presently and wants to become a good teacher in future. Her parents have also realized the importance of education and are trying their best to support the education of their daughters.

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