Contribute to a fund to sponsor the salary of gynecologist treating tribal or village women, INR 1000


J Watamull Global Hospital & Research Centre (GHRC) is a multi-disciplinary hospital located in Mt Abu, a hill town in Rajasthan, west India. It is the mission of the hospital to provide specialist (including pediatrics) consultations to all and free or nominally priced treatment to poor and economically weaker patients.

How It Works

• Patients are identified through outreach programmes. Direct walk-in patients are also present.
• Under the outreach program, patients are identified by doctors and confirmed by field workers to be economically weak on the basis of their ration card or a letter from the Sarpanch.
• Once the identification is done, the doctor provides a reference letter so that these patients can avail free treatment at the Hospital.
• The OPD is free for all patients who walk in for treatment, but they are charged for medicines and lab tests.
• If additional treatment or admission in the hospital is required, treatment costs are waived on the basis of confirmation or proof that the patients belongs to economically weaker section.
• Free hospital treatment is provided to women hailing from financially less privileged families, most of whom are of tribal or village origin.
• Additionally, women from BPL card holder families and those suffering from chronic illnesses like Type 1 Diabetes and thalassemia who cannot afford lifelong treatment are supported.
• Free treatment is also provided to women hailing from adopted villages forming the Village Outreach Programme circle and to those from villages the Community Service Project serves.
• When a patient walks in for a consultation, the Patient Relation Officer checks his or her background, interviews the guardian (in the case of children) and makes notes in the patient’s registration book and admission files and decides the eligibility of the case.

Donation Option Break-up cost in INR
Contribute to a fund for the salary of gynecologist 1000.00
Unit Price 1000
Total 1000
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Kamla and Naresh are happy
Kamla Rana, aged 25, and her husband Naresh Rana both work as a labourers. They earn about Rs.4000/- per month each. She has been visiting Watumull hospital to meet our Gynaecologist for checkup during pregnancy.
Gynaecologist Dr Saurabhi Singh had told Kamla that she would need to have a Caesarean-section. Kamla wanted to opt for a safe institutional delivery but she could not afford the full cost of a hospital delivery
Thanks to general donations from generous donors, she was given a concession. She delivered a healthy baby in Global Hospital. She paid about 15% of the hospital bill.

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