Provide an elderly, destitute person with rations for a month, INR 650

" Overview

Gramin Vikas Trust (GVT) is a National Level Organization established by the Krishak Bharti Cooperative Limited (KRIBHCO) with the support of Government of India and Department for International Development (DFID), UK. GVT was started as a division of KRIBHCO to look after Eastern India Rainfed Projects (EIRFP) and Western India Rainfed Projects (WIRFP) in some states by forming several clusters in tribal areas for the upliftment of the tribals. However, with the passage of time, from 2010 onwards, GVT not only diversified its activities, but also its geographical presence. It started some new initiatives and activities in line with its mission and vision like undertaking skill development of rural youth in various trades, having good job opportunities in business houses, agri-business, market linkages to rural handicraft artisans etc.

The Basics

In spite of several Welfare Programmes, the condition of old age people is terrible particularly in rural areas and urban slums of Bharuch district. They don’t get respect from the younger people and are at the mercy of their children and relatives and are humiliated. Most people from this group are poor & underprivileged and face many problems for their survival. The economic crisis and inflation have increased their difficulties, as large numbers of families do not have means to support them. They have no access to health care and basic welfare needs. Gram Vikas Trust has decided to extend possible assistance to keep the old people in comfort to some extent on humanitarian grounds.

How It Works

• GVT is providing monthly grocery ration to elderly persons who are being neglected and rejected by their own kin and kith as well as have no family member in the family look after them.
• This will provided every month.
• The NGO has identified a few grocery owners who will supply groceries on a regular basis.
• Every month GVT will give these shop owners orders to prepare kits containing all the items.
• Every month their staff member will go to the respective beneficiaries and give them kits.
• The NGO also takes the help of volunteers from the respective villages to help them in the distribution process.


• 60-90 years – Age-group of the senior citizens who are being helped by GVT

Donation Option Break-up cost in INR
Rations (including 1 kg pulses/ rice/1.5 kg wheat flour/ 1 kg oil/ 1 kg salt) 247.00
Vegetables supplied by local vendor 200.00
I kg milk powder 153.00
Admin expenses 50.00
Unit Price 650
Total 650
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Motivate others to help elderly people
Nearly three out of five single older women are very poor and two out of three rural elderly women are fully dependent on other for want of appropriate livelihood opportunities towards economic security. Savitaben Navghanbhai residing in Ambher village of Vagra block. She is 78 year old and no one in his family to take care of her. She is doing others house hold domestic work to get food.
Along with others Savitaben also one of our beneficiaries and is helping them by providing food kits on monthly basis regularly to survive.
After GVT intervention to provide ration kits to Savitaben she feel happy and she tells now some of the villagers several time asking them if they need any help. Earlier the people from the village does not give food without house hold work now if situation arise they give food to them if require without any house hold work. The people of village have change their attitude toward her. Due to GVT kit distribution to him she felt that now people willing to help them.

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