Provide food to approx 30 mentally ill destitute women for one day, INR 1400


Ashadeep was set up in 1996 in the North Eastern states of India for persons with mental disorders and their families, in an attempt to achieve better quality of life.

How It Works

• Treatment is provided when required.
• Rehabilitation process involves assessment at each stage: a. One to one counseling for identifying home and background.
b. Assessment of clinical condition
c. Assessment of living skills on the basis of which individual plans are developed
d. Assessment of vocational skills for livelihood (although they are very limited at this time)
e. Occupational activity with various vocations such as household work, kitchen, gardening, needle work, knitting, jute work, music & dance and therapeutically work activity.
• The residents are relocated with their family when the family is traced and family members visit the resident at Navachetana.
• The patient is discharged only when minimum living skills criteria is achieved. However, special requests to take the patient back home may be considered at times.
• When family members do not come to Navachetana, Rehab staff take the person back home.
• Authentication, photograph of family members and communication details are obtained and the case is closed at the police station where the original entry was made.
• Communication is maintained through phone or personal interaction with the family members.
• If a woman does not have a family or her home cannot be traced but she becomes functional, then she is re-integrated into Homes run either by the government or Civil Society Organization or Missionaries of Charity homes.
• In some cases, where the disability due to the illness is very severe and information regarding the woman's whereabouts cannot be traced at all, she remains with Ashadeep.


• 1 month – Period of time after which the woman has to report to the police station unless the situation demands otherwise
• 6 months – The period of time for which a patient stays with Ashadeep
• 10 – Number of women who haven’t been reintegrated into their homes yet
• 355 – Total number of rescued women at Ashadeep

Donation Option Break-up cost in INR
Towards cost of food 1400.00
Unit Price 1400
Total 1400
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From street to family
The police informed Ashadeep of a woman breastfeeding puppies which became sensational news in the local TV channels of Assam. She had been roaming in the streets of Rowta (around 60 kms from Guwahati) for 8 years and had given birth to two children during that period. The first was a boy child and the second a girl child, both conceived as result of sexual abuse suffered by her in the streets. The children were taken away by the nearby people as they noticed that she was unable to take care of them. The Rowta Police handed her to Ashadeep Navachetana Transit Care identifying the symptoms of mental illness.
On admission, she displayed symptoms like Self Muttering, Self Smiling, uncooperative, hallucinatory behavior etc. She was immediately given an anti-rabies injection (Rabipur). Then, she was intervened by a Gynaecologist as she was having post delivery related issues along with Psychiatric intervention. Later she was diagnosed with Schizophrenia. Her Growth Chart score, Entry Point Score (EPS) was 1.04, which later developed to 4.6. After the improvement she was shifted to Navachetana Rehabilitation Home. The Mental Status Examination (MSE) revealed that general appearance, personal hygiene, maintaining eye to eye contact, rapport building, Sensorium, time, place, date were disoriented. Memory was inadequate, however social judgment was found satisfactory and was doing her work well. She was provided with the necessary anti-psychotic medicines immediately.
With proper medication and care she started to recover slowly. Her home address was sought and attempts were made to trace it. On 20-05-2013, the first attempt was made to reintegrate her with her family. As per her statement the team went to nearby areas of Goreswar Railway Station but could not locate the home, hence took assistance of the Goreswar Police Station but no trace of her family was found. Hence she was been brought back to Rehabilitation Home again. The second attempt was made on 25-05-2013. The team was successful in tracing the address and found her family. The family members were very happy to see her alive and welcomed her warmly and with their eyes filled with tears of gratitude thanked the team for their efforts. The entire village gathered to see her as everyone considered her to be dead. She is continuing with the medicines as prescribed from Ashadeep’s weekly OPD.

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