Prevent death or infection of a patient with the lifelong, incurable condition of Hemophilia by sponsoring 500 units of Feiba, INR 23620


Started in 1983, Haemophilia Federation India (HFI) is the only national umbrella organization in India working for the welfare of the Persons with Haemophilia (PwH) through a network of several chapters spread over four regions. Their aim is to reach out to PwH and provide total quality care, education, make treatment available at affordable cost, psycho-social support, and economic rehabilitation and thus help them in improving the quality of life without disability and free of pain.

The Basics

Several people and children suffering from haemophilia belong to Below Poverty Line (BPL) families. Due to the lifelong, incurable nature and very expensive management of the disorder Anti Hemophilic Factor (AHF), it becomes difficult for families to meet expenses of the same. Most men from such families are factory-workers, daily wage earners, rickshaw pullers, vegetable vendors, or they are engaged as household help in neighbouring apartments.

How It Works

• The requirement for AHF can be even more in case of severe bleeding and surgeries.
• Besides, this is not a one-time expenditure as a person may injure himself/herself a couple of times in a month.
• Most haemophilics are thus not able to get timely, sufficient and appropriate treatment, which eventually has consequences such as disability, death, HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis B/C infections, and even stress due to financial constraints.
• Haemophilia Foundation maintains a list of the most deserving patients.
• This is based on the severity of the condition as well as family income. AHF is then allocated to beneficiaries as and when required.
• A second installment is given only after receiving satisfactory proof that the first installment of AHF was properly utilized.
• In case of death of a current beneficiary or underutilized medicine by another patient, a new beneficary is identified.


• 3-4 times – Number of times in a month that a person with haemophilia may injure himself/herself
• 90% - Percentage of people and children suffering from haemophilia who belong to BPL families
• 500-1000 – Minimum number of units of AHF required by a haemophilic patient
• Rs. 10,000 – Cost of minimum number of units of AHF required by a haemophilic patient
• 12,500 – Number of people and children suffering from haemophilia who belong to BPL families

Donation Option Break-up cost in INR
GST 1025.00
Cost of 500 Anti Hemophilic factor Feiba 20533.00
Admin Cost 2062.00
Unit Price 23620
Total 23620
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An Initiative to save a life
When Mr Venkataramapa and Lakshmamma started living together they might not had even heard about the disorder Hemophilia. They had 6 siblings, 3 sons and 3 daughters. Their elder two sons expired because of hemophilia. Surviving younger son Manjunath is also a Hemophiliac with factor VIII deficiency with higher titer inhibitor, which cost Rs 28 per unit. One of their grand sons is also diagnosed with Hemophilia. V Manjunath (25 yrs) is the bread winner of the family. He is working as an office boy with Bangalore chapter for the last four years. He met with an accident when he was own his way back to home leaving his left leg fractured .He underwent surgery for his left thigh at Jain hospital Bangalore. Days after surgery he was readmitted in Jain hospital Bangalore with the complaint of perused bleeding plus infection. He required a large quantity of Feiba for the treatment.
His family was not in a condition to procure the same for the treatment. But with the support from The Hans Foundation, HFI provided 5000 ius of Feiba. A helping hand from The Hans Foundation & HFI gave great relief to the family.
Due to this timely intervention he was recovered fully after his surgery and was able to rejoin his office.

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