Support the education of a very poor boy by donating basic school supplies and toiletries for one year, INR 3200

Gram Chetna Kendra (GCK) is working in selected villages of the Sambhar block in Jaipur district, which is one of the most backward areas in Jaipur. The area is poor in infrastructure & employment opportunity as literacy rates are low. Most of the children belong of the farming and agriculture labor families contributing in agriculture operations. Due to house hold work and agricultural activities, the parents neglect the education of their children. Though they are enrolled in primary & upper primary schools they are not regular in attending school.

How It Works

• The parents are complaining about resource scarcity & their poor status of living.
• GCK creates awareness & sensitizes parents on the importance of education.
• The program provides basic school supplies & toiletries to very poor boys (6 - 14 years).
• This gives motivation & encouragement to children to attend school regularly.
• Beneficiaries are selected by an established process. The community mobiliser regularly convenes with community members & school- teachers.
• They gather information on education and health aspects.
• The final list of beneficiaries is made up of children from extremely poor economic backgrounds that are in desperate need of the support.
• The NGO provides one time support at the time of need to children studying in Government schools in the form of school supplies and basic items - stationery, school bag, note book, uniforms, shoes, toiletries, solar light etc.

The Statistics

• The NGO is proposing to support 100 boys from impoverished backgrounds in the year 2015-16.

Donation Option Break-up cost in INR
1 Solar Light 1000.00
10 Small Size note Book (Rs. 100) & 1 School Bag (Rs. 200) 300.00
2 Sets Uniforms(Rs. 800) & 2 Pairs of Footwear (Rs. 300) 1100.00
Administrative Expenses 130.00
Nail Cutter- Rs. 20, 2 Towels- Rs. 100, 2 Combs- Rs. 20 140.00
Stationery Items 160.00
Toiletries 370.00
Unit Price 3200
Total 3200
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Story of Vishnu Balai
In 1997 Gram Chetna Kendra added the name of Vishnu Balai s/o Mangalchand Balai in our sponsorship program. The social worker of Gram Chetna Kendra was doing regular family visits of the enrolled children. She observed that Vishnu knew the alphabets and she oriented Vishnu for 3 years in the reading improvement plan of the programme. On 21st June 1997 under Family Helper Project 1219, Vishnu joined the sponsorship programme. He received the Child Case number 42. His father is a laborer and works hard to make both ends meet. He used to go to school with his elder brother named Ratan lal.
Under the sponsorship programme his family received benefits namely – free installed toilet in the household premises of Vishnu Balai, constructed underground water storage tank, received free medicines in the health check up camps , got information of the benefits in the different meetings that he and his family members attended. After passing Class XI standard, he joined the computer course under Child Fund India run Youth Resource Centre.
Receiving support us he underwent the course of Mobile repairing and started to work in the shop. By this time his younger brother had dropped out he made efforts and rejoined his brother in school education. Also he sent his sister to school back for completion of her education. After some time he sent his brother for electrician course. His mother was a member of self help group run By GCK. His mother and father arrange for the food and household expanses with the small amount they earn. Vishnu spends all his earnings on the education of his siblings. In 2012 the efforts and dreams of Vishnu comes true and elder brother got a job in electricity department and Vishnu has opened one mobile shop in 2013. Now he is earning Rs. 10000 per month and also studying along with the work.

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