Contribute to a fund to help treat and rehabilitate mentally ill destitute people, INR 5000

Neptune Foundation picks up destitute people from the road who are mentally ill, and admits them in Thane Mental Hospital with help from police and due court permissions. Neptune staff locates these destitute people when they are on fieldwork or locals call and report about such people lying on the roadside. The pickup team investigates such reports to the police who help pick up these persons. These people are taken to Thane Mental hospital for an initial check up and then to court to get admission orders. After this the final admission takes place in Thane Mental Hospital. There they are treated for their psychological problems. Treatment includes medication along with counseling. Once they are better and in a position to give details about their families, Neptune tries to reunite them with their families. Once the patients are little better, they are imparted a vocational training. They continue their vocational training till their family is traced and they are reunited. Vocational training helps them to continue doing work even after they go back home and also acts as mental stimulant. Their families are traced and called to Mumbai to take their family member back home. The families are traced from various states of India like- Andhra Pradesh, UP, Bihar, West Bengal etc. In some cases, the family is not willing to accept the destitute.Required counseling is done with family members so that they take back the patient willingly. In many cases, the families are so poor that even if they wish, they are not able to come to Mumbai, as they are not in position to bear the travel cost. In such cases, Neptune Foundation sponsors the travel for the family as well as the patient family. Neptune Foundation also bears the cost of medicines, which is not provided by the Govt. Hospital. Tracing the families is a huge task. But when the reunion of the patient happens with the families, the happiness and relief, which they get, is worth the efforts of the crusaders who are working for this cause.

Donation Option Break-up cost in INR
Towards salaries/ admission charges/ food/ travel / legal expenses / admin 5000.00
Unit Price 5000
Total 5000
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After many years she remembered her home
Meena was seen on the road near Vikhroli Paper Mill. She was wandering on the road. The Neptune Team located her while distributing food. One packet was given to her too. Neptune Team realized that she had psychological problem.
The Neptune staff is well experienced in dealing with mentally ill destitutes. When our staff asked about her family whereabouts, she just nodded but was not able to say much. She seemed quite traumatized due to her situation. The staff realized that Meena was in need of proper care and treatment and it was possible that we could reunite her with her family. Meena was picked up with Police help. Due court permission was obtained by Neptune Team for her admission to The Thane Mental Hospital. In a few days, the treatment and counseling showed positive results on Meena. She gave some information about her family, about her children and later her mothers home in Satara. The family was contacted with police help. Her brother filled in the gaps about Meena including details of her abusive married life. Her husband physically harassed her. She left home after a particularly abusive fight.
This was eight years ago. Her brother put her son in touch with Neptune and was very happy to know that his mother was safe and fine. After two days son and brother came to pick her up. Her son was extremely happy, as he was very young when his mother had left. Now he is earning and able to take care of her. It was a very emotional moment to see Meena reunited with her family.

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