Provide Nutrition and Toiletries to an elderly person for a month in an Old Age Home, INR 1150

A Society is known by how it treats its old. The old bear the brunt of our changing lifestyles, values and priorities. To protect the neglected old, Neptune Foundation has built an old age home in the memory of Nanasaheb Vithoba Deshmukh - Parampujya Kailaswasi Nanasaheb Vithoba Deshmukh Vriddh Ashram at Village Kalungan, Taluka Akole, Rajur, Dis. Ahmednagar, and Maharashtra. The elderly from nearby rural areas, villages around Rajur, Akola, and Nasik approach Deshmukh old age home seeking shelter. These are the elderly who are neglected by their own families or have no one to take care of them at all. The criteria of admission are that the person should be 60 years and above and he or she should be poor. Once there is an enquiry from an old person for admission, the Home staff establish contacts with the village Sarpanch of that village where he /she is residing. The Sarpanch also gives it in writing that the person is a deserving candidate as the family is not looking after him/ her or he or she has no family to take care. Along with the letter, he/she should have a voter card and a ration card for proof of age and proof of residence. Once it is established that the candidate is really needy and deserving, he or she is admitted as resident. These residents are taken care of till their lifetime. Even if they become bedridden or not able to do their activities of daily living, Neptune Foundation continues to take care of such people. 4 meals are provided in a day. Morning begins with tea and breakfast, which consists of Poha or Upma or Sheera, Lapsi or sprouts. Evening tea and snacks like Bread toast or Biscuits or idli or some dry snacks. Lunch is Chapatti, sabji,dal ,Rice and dinner is usually Bajra or Jawar roti, Sabji , daal and Rice.

Donation Option Break-up cost in INR
Grocery/ vegetables/ Milk/ Cooking gas charges 875.00
Salary of cook and Kitchen Helper 175.00
Toiletries 100.00
Unit Price 1150
Total 1150
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Home away from home
Mr. Mane, is a resident of Deshmukh Old Age Home. Before he came to our old age home, he was staying alone. Mane was married and was staying near Satara. His wife left him after a few years of their marriage. He had no children and was staying alone. He used to do some odd jobs. He just existed without any aim in the life.
When his brother got to know about the Deshmukh Old Age Home, he approached the home seeking shelter for his brother. Mane was eligible for admission and was admitted. The manager at the home realized that Mane is interested in farming. The old age home has land around the home where vegetables are grown and are used in the kitchen. Considering his interest, he was asked to take care of work in the farm of the old age home. The staff at the home realized that he was enjoying the work and would always look forward to this every day.
Mr. Mane is very happy now. He does not remember his past frequently. He now says that this old age home is his only home and the staff and the residents are his family. He keeps himself occupied in doing work in the farm and attending satsang in the evening.

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