Provide clothing, school supplies and health care to an abandoned girl in Aarti Home for a year, INR 2500


Aarti Home is an orphanage that offers a permanent home to orphaned and abandoned children comprising mostly of girls.

The Basics

Aarti Home was founded in the early 90s. Initially, it was a shelter for abandoned girl children. Later on it expanded to include mothers too, because it was found that behind every abandoned child was a mother who was unable to protect her child. The home not only focuses on addressing the symptoms, but also looks at solving the underlying issues.

How It Works

• The basic needs of the school going girls are met by the Home authorities. They are provided with uniforms, casual wear, school books and toiletries.
• Apart from that, extra tutoring is also provided to the girls after their school hours.
• Twice a year medical check-ups are provided to the girls.
• Most of the girls choose to stay in Aarti Home during their holidays and vacations.


• 3 – number of sets of school uniforms provided to the girls in a year.
• 5 – number of sets of casual wear provided to the girls in a year.

Donation Option Break-up cost in INR
2 sets of Uniforms and 5 sets of casual wear provided through the year 1100.00
Detergents (180), cleanliness maintenance (320) 500.00
Toiletries and healthcare 650.00
School supplies 250.00
Unit Price 2500
Total 2500
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Our first child Radhika
Radhika was the first child at Aarti Home. She was left with us by a woman of her village when she was hardly two years old. She had already been through much trauma - her mother had been killed by her father after which he absconded. Her grandfather had been looking after her, but he also passed away. Following this, none of her uncles were willing to take care of her.
Radhika was severely malnourished and had nutritional cirrhoses when she was brought from her village. She required medical attention immediately. She never smiled or showed any expressions on her face. It took a long time for her to speak and had a vague look on her face. Slowly, she opened up and began interacting with other girls in the Home. Eventually she started attending the school as well.
She never did well in school. But we were pleasantly surprised when she secured good percentage in the 10th standard exams. She did well in her Higher Secondary as well. We then enrolled her for a course as a Radiology Technician. She now works in Apollo Hospital, Hyderabad and is doing very well in her job, thus making Aarti Home proud .

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